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Car donation is a great way to support a cause of your choice and tax deduction. You can donate a car, truck, RV, boat, motorcycle, or other vehicle and help a charity reach its goals. Your car donation will be picked up fast and at no charge to you by a professional transportation company. It’s fast, free, easy, tax deductible and you’ll feel great this holiday season knowing your old car will help make a difference.

What Charities and Donors Say

Hundreds of thousands of donors and hundreds of vehicle donations every day.

We greatly appreciate our vehicle donors who support our research, care and support efforts. Every dollar from the program will help us to fulfill our mission and serve those affected by Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's is the sixth leading cause of death and the only one in the top ten that cannot be slowed, prevented or cured. Vehicle donations are important to our ability to fight Alzheimer's.
The donations we receive help children like Allie (a pseudonym). Allie was raised exclusively by her father until he died suddenly, and Allie ended up in foster care. After several years of searching, child welfare workers finally located Allie’s long-lost mother. Allie was thrilled to have "a family" again, and her mother was overjoyed to be reunited with her daughter. However, soon Allie's mother’s boyfriend began sexually abusing her. Allie kept silent because she did not want to lose the only family she felt she had. But after a visitor walked in and saw what was happening, she called the police, and Allie and her mother were brought to CALICO. At CALICO, the interviewer was sensitive to Allie’s reluctance to talk and her guilt for what she saw as “messing up” her only family. The interviewer reassured Allie that nothing that happened was her fault and patiently helped Allie share the details of the sexual abuse. When they were finished, the interviewer praised Allie's strength and bravery for telling what happened. With Allie’s testimony, the police were able to arrest the boyfriend of Allie's mom and assured Allie that he would be gone for a long time and would not be able to hurt her or any other child now. Allie now lives in a safe place where she is enrolled in therapy and thriving. In fact, Allie is looking forward to graduating early from high school as she has already been accepted into college.

First and foremost, I would like to commend and thank for the wonderful service you provide. By recycling/ reusing vehicles you help the environment as you make it possible for organizations such as ours to receive much needed funds. And, since the donations are tax deductible, you are a service to the donors as well.

Since we desire to make the Cuvilly experience available to as many as possible, a portion of he monies we have received from this program have allowed us to subsidize the tuition of some of our preschool students for whom Cuvilly may be too expensive. We have also used some of it to defray the cost of our barn yard critters who are an integral part of the Cuvilly education.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

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