What to Say and What Not to Say to Someone Who has Cancer

Cancer is a very ugly and terrifying word that can change a person’s life in an instant. For them it can be quite literally a death sentence, When you first hear the news about a friend or a loved one who has been diagnosed with this monstrosity it is difficult to know what to say [...]

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7 Ways to Help Someone Who Has Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is often a challenging and heartbreaking diagnosis, not only for the patient but for their family as well. If you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease you probably already know that your life will never be the same. But you can still enjoy the time you have with [...]

Supporting Those Who Have Lost a Beloved Animal Companion

Losing a beloved pet can be heart wrenching. Although we learn from experts on grief that overwhelming feelings of loss are normal, it cannot erase the loneliness and sadness one may experience in times like this. Having a loving pet in your life can fill holes that no person can. They accept you on a [...]

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Standing for Something

Most of us can stand up when our American Flag is raised, or stand at a counter when we need to register a vehicle. Yet for many of our paralyzed veterans, that is only a distant memory. At least until now. Thanks for the genius of Dr. Gary Goldrish of the Minneapolis VA hospital and [...]

Saving Children, One Car at a Time

Do you remember those hot air balloons at grocery stores? You pay a dollar, they put your name on the balloon and hang it on their walls. Do you know where that money went? All those hot balloons are more than hot air. The donations went to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a group founded in 1983 to [...]

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What Happens To My Car?

“I want to donate my car to charity. But what happens now?” Well, fortunately for you, that question is easily answered. First you come to and fill out our donor form. We’ll call you and arrange for a next-day pick-up. On the designated day, a towing company will come get your car. At that [...]

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Ment-Animal Health

Did you know that having a pet can help you stay healthy, feel better about yourself, and even help with depression and other mental disabilities? It’s true! There are many ways animals provide support for their human guardians. For example: Exercise This one is fairly obvious- when you have a pet, particularly a dog or [...]

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How to Protect Your Kidneys

Your kidneys are incredible. Their job is to make sure your blood is clear of harmful toxins and unnecessary waste that could cause serious damage to the rest of your body. Your kidneys need protection and care, but sadly they are often overlooked. The result of under-appreciated kidneys is degenerative kidney disease and more than [...]

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San Francisco SPCA Receives Generous Help Through Imgur

In December a campaign was started to raise money and awareness of the San Francisco SPCA. The SF SPCA has a mission to save animals from dangerous circumstances and provide them with healing care and treatment. Once recovered, these special animals receive assistance in finding themselves a new home and family. The charity campaign was [...]

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Beauty Comes In All Forms, Including Those With Alzheimer’s

The Artisan College of Cosmetology knows that everyone deserves to feel beautiful. This can be even truer when their clients have struggles in their lives. They recently had the Alzheimer’s Association come to educate them on how to help those that have Alzheimer’s or dementia. Marty Williman, Northwest Ohio Chapter education manager for Alzheimer’s Association, [...]

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