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The Sankara Eye Foundation has a visionary mission and you can help them accomplish it. With your vehicle donations, The Sankara Eye Foundation (SEF) is working towards helping the poor in India receive free, high-quality eye-care. They have a goal to build and operate 20 Sankara eye hospitals all over India to serve where the need is greatest. This service is changing the lives of those who receive proper vision care and is giving them the opportunity to be productive members of society.

1/5 of the World’s Blind

To understand the scope of the vision problem in India you’ll need some numbers. There are over 55 million people in India who have some kind of visual problem. Of that 55 million there are 8 million individuals who are completely blind. That accounts for approximately one-fifth of the entire blind population of the world. The blind in India are often in the rural villages where no vision care is available and sadly many who could be saved from blindness have no opportunity to get their vision back.

Curable Blindness

It is estimated that as much as 80% of the blindness in India is curable. Problems such as cataracts and glaucoma are curable but the rural population in India is limited by education and resources to cure the blindness in their communities. The Sankara Eye Foundation is working toward building eye hospitals across India where the poor members of society can come to receive free eye care and be cured.

The Gift of Vision

SEF, through their program “Gift of Vision”, is currently helping as many disadvantaged members of Indian society as possible to receive the vision care they need. They are sending field workers to rural areas to screen people for problems and to recommend them for treatment. SEF busses then take patients to the eye hospitals where they stay for 3 days, receiving treatment, medical exams, food, and recovery. They are then bussed back to their villages and receive a follow up exam 30 days later to ensure they are healing properly.

Unfortunately, the need is much larger than what SEF can currently keep up with. The donation and sale of your used vehicle goes towards giving the Gift of Vision to those who desperately need the assistance.

20/20 by 2020

The Sankara Eye Foundation has set a bold goal to raise enough funds to build 20 eye care hospitals across India by the year 2020. They call this their 20/20 by 2020 program. With your help they can achieve it and help to alleviate the suffering of millions of disadvantaged people.