Best Places to Buy Tires Online

Just like the type of tires you buy matters, where you buy your tires from is also important. There are many places you can purchase tires online, but you want to make sure you are purchasing from a well-known supplier that will provide you with quality tires. While tires can be expensive, they are a very necessary investment. Driving on low-quality or worn-out tires can put you at greater risk of an accident, especially if you live in a climate where snow, ice, or rain are common. If you've determined that you need new tires, then you've come to the right place. These are the best places to buy tires online, and we have gathered up all the information you need to know to make an informed purchase.

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There are many places you can purchase tires online, but some retailers stand out among the rest. Here are the seven best places we found to purchase tires, based on competitive prices and satisfied customer reviews.

  1. Tire Rack (best rated overall)
  2. SimpleTire
  3. Goodyear
  4. Discount Tire
  5. Amazon
  6. Walmart

7 Signs You Know It's Time to Donate Your Car

Thanks to today's increased digital economy, you can buy nearly any type of tire online. You can find tires from any brand and for any type of car at several online retailers, including the seven we listed above. If one site doesn't have the particular tires you're after, another most certainly will. Most sites let you shop by vehicle or tire brand to filter down to the results you want.

Is it cheaper to buy tires online?

Generally, buying tires online is less expensive than purchasing them in a store. However, you also must factor in the cost of shipping the tires, which can increase the overall cost. There is certainly a greater selection online, and you can often catch sales with online retailers. Some tire shops might price match online tires, so make sure to check around before making a purchase.

Can you buy Costco tires online?

You can purchase tires online from Costco and have them shipped to your local store's tire center for no cost. This is a great option if you live near a Costco tire shop and plan to have them install the tires for you. Costco has a wide selection of tires available online.

Where can I find good tires for cheap online?

There are several sites which offer cheaper tires without sacrificing quality. TireDiscounters, which has an expansive selection and plenty of in-person locations, offers tires at a discounted rate to its customers. They are not the only site with cheap options, so look around at the other retailers to find the best price for your tires.

How do I get my tires installed after I buy them online?

If you purchase from an online retailer that also has in-person stores, like Costco, Walmart, or TireDiscounters, you can have them installed there. If the tires are shipped to your house, you can either install them yourself or you can take them to a tire shop or mechanic. Be aware there are some shops that will only install tires purchased from them, so call ahead before showing up.

How much does it cost to install a tire?

The cost to have tires installed varies based on the type of tire, shop location, and other various factors. Generally, you can expect to spend between $15 to $45 per tire to have them professionally installed. For a full set of tires to be installed, you should be prepared to spend between $60 and $180 at most shops.

How often should I buy new tires?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends purchasing new tires every six years. However, this is just a guideline, and you may need tires more or less frequently depending on your individual situation. Someone who drives hundreds of miles in an average week will need their tires replaced more often than someone who only drives on occasion. Also, driving on rough roads or off-roading will wear tires down faster, as will misalignment. Check your tires frequently to spot signs of wear that may merit a replacement.

Buying tires online is a great option that affords better selection, more convenience, and often competitive prices. Knowing where to shop for tires online is helpful to get the best quality and best prices possible. Always make sure you know exactly which tires to purchase for your vehicle because returning tires purchased online can be a hassle.