Costco Tires

Costco sells more than mega-packs of your favorite snack! Did you know that Costco stores also have a tire center, and that you can purchase tires and get them installed while grocery shopping? Costco also offers a website where you can purchase a wide variety of tires and have them shipped to your local Costco Tire Center for installation. This article covers everything you need to know about Costco tires and will help you decide if you want to go to Costco for your next tire change.

Costco Tire Center locations and general hours

Not every Costco has a Tire Center, but many do. Make sure to check if your local Costco does before making the trip. If your Costco does have a tire center, it will be located to the side of the store. The hours may vary based on your local store, but generally Costco Tire Center is open during the week from 10am to 8:30pm and on the weekend from 9am to 7pm. These hours make it convenient to use Costco Tire Center at a time that fits your schedule.

What services does Costco Tire Center provide?

Costco Tire Center is a full-service tire shop offering installation, rotation, balance, nitrogen inflation, nitrogen conversion, and flat repair. It may offer additional services beyond the normal offerings. If you have a specific question, call your local Costco Tire Center for assistance.

How much do Costco tires cost?

Costco Tire Center claims to offer premium tires at low warehouse prices. Generally, purchasing tires at Costco is a bit more expensive than buying from other online retailers. However, Costco tires come with installation, removal and disposal of old tires, and lifetime services. These lifetime services include inflation, rotation and flat repair. With all the perks, the small price increase is worth it for many drivers. Given there are more than 500 Costco locations in the US, you will almost always be near a Costco that can service your tires.

Do I need to schedule an appointment?

You will need an appointment to visit a Costco Tire Center. These appointments can easily be made online in a matter of minutes. You can also call the store to schedule your appointment. Costco does not accept walk-ins or clients without an appointment.

Costco tire warranty

Costco tires come with an extended warranty, which covers the tires 60 months from the date of purchase. They also offer a 5-year Road Hazard Warranty, which protects the tires against common roadway hazards for 5 years. This means if you hit a deep pothole or a nail in the road, Costco will fix your damaged tires at no cost to you!

Do I need a Costco membership to buy tires?

If you want to purchase tires from Costco, you will need a membership card. The basic Costco membership costs $60 per year and will grant you access to the Costco Tire Center. You can also elect for the Executive Membership, which costs $120 annually and comes with additional perks. Non-members cannot purchase tires online or in-person from Costco, nor can they visit a Costco Tire Center for installation or service.

Are Costco tires the cheapest?

Costco tires are not the cheapest tires available. There are other retailers and websites that offer cheaper tires. However, Costco tires do come with a few additional perks, including free installation and the other lifetime perks mentioned above. Costco also offers high-quality tires that will last for many years.

Will Costco install tires purchased elsewhere?

If you have tires already and just need them installed, you won't be able to use Costco Tire Center. Costco will not install any tires that were not purchased from it. If you want tires installed by Costco, you will need to purchase the tires directly from it.

Does Costco sell rims?

Costco sells not only tires but also rims and other parts. They offer a wide selection of rims both online and in-store, so you can get your tires and rims in one place and have them installed professionally. You do not have to buy rims from Costco to have your Costco tires installed.

Costco Tire Center is a popular choice for drivers because of its locations, benefits, and professional services. If you are considering purchasing new tires, Costco Tire Center is an excellent option. While you may pay a bit more initially, the extended warranties and lifetime perks make the long-term cost worth the price. Overall, Costco Tire Center is a solid choice for your next set of wheels.