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Hospitals can be very sterile and generic places and when you have to undergo Chemo treatments during the holiday season. One might feel lonely and forgotten. Even if your loved one is an out-patient you can make their Christmas chemotherapy treatments more bearable and brighten up their day. Along with the Children’s Cancer Foundation you can donate your car to the cause and helps kids who are fighting cancer this Christmas.

Assorted ways to help those going through chemotherapy this Christmas:

  • Decorate their space! Bring a small Christmas tree along for the treatment. There is always a small bedside table in the rooms where patients receive their treatment and a small; craft store type tree will brighten the mood while receiving treatment!
  • Load Christmas songs onto your phone or create a great Christmas Pandora station and play during the treatment session.
  • Have friends decorate a fun Santa hat for the patient to wear during treatment. Put positive things all over the hat, messages or maybe even little trinkets that remind them of happy things.
  • If the patient can stand essential oil smells during treatment you can make a sachet pillow to lay by their head with Christmas smells like cinnamon or peppermint, hospitals do not smell like Christmas…FYI.
  • For a child: make Candy Cane Play dough for them to play with during their treatment! Here is a link to a great recipe having something to do with their hands and the wonderful smell of peppermint is calming and re assuring. Peppermint generally helps calm the stomach, as well.
  • Arrange for friends and family to Skype them and sing Christmas carols while they are receiving treatment! Bring an IPad or your phone and bring a thermos of hot cocoa or cider( if the hospital gives permission to do this)
  • Bring a small Christmas craft for the patient to do while waiting for treatment to be done. There is a fun one that only requires a few items and can brighten anyone’s Christmas tree. Maybe even give it to another patient as you are leaving and then you have blessed 2 lives during chemo
    “clothespin reindeer”. This craft is so easy you could make enough for the whole floor of chemo patients! Note: you can use craft glue if you are not allowed to plug in a glue gun.
  • Find out if bringing “chemo treats” is okay at the treatment location. Bake ginger cookies and make some hot peppermint tea to share with everyone. Ginger and peppermint are known to reduce feelings of nausea in some people and both are festive flavors.
  • Pre-arrange (especially fun for a child) to have a gingerbread house kit. Set this up and have the patient decorate while receiving treatment. Leave the house for the whole treatment facility to enjoy.
  • Give gifts to all the patients on the chemo floor or in the treatment center. Gift cards and fun goofy Christmas cheer gifts are the best and giving to others during their time of hardship is such a great gift to you.
  • Visit each patient, if allowed, and sing them a Christmas carol, while your friend or family member is getting their chemo.
  • If you know someone who is receiving chemo treatments sneak into their home while they are gone for treatment and clean their bathrooms and floors! “I hate it when people clean for me” …said no one ever. Maybe even do their laundry and make their bed. Any kind of sweet service will be appreciated. Chemo patients rarely have enough energy to keep up on simple things.
  • Have a Christmas movie marathon with the patient. Whether they are a stay in patient or just out-patient care you can load a few movies onto your IPad, Tablet or laptop and let the movie marathon begin! Chemo can not only be lonely but it can be quite boring, a movie friend will lighten the mood.
  • Bring fun board games to play while they are getting their treatment.
  • Hang holiday cards from some yarn across the room.
  • For stay in patients: wrap their door in holiday paper! And put a big bow on it.

You can be as creative as you want but do something fun and thoughtful this Christmas for someone who is going through cancer treatment. Chemotherapy is hard and those who must go through it at Christmas can always use an extra showering of love from friends and family. Have a wonderful Christmas season and bless the life of a cancer patient.