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Donate A Car

Did your parents ever read a fairytale to you as a child? If so, did you wish you were part of that story? Maybe you dreamed you were Cinderella trying on the glass slipper. Maybe you wanted to fly like Peter Pan or meet a pirate. How about watching the big, bad wolf in action? And wouldn’t it be cool to watch Pinocchio’s nose grow?

Fairytale Town includes a children’s park and an outdoor children’s museum. It is based off of nursery rhymes and fairytales. They have over 25 play sets to recreate some of their favorite stories. With the park having been open for almost 60 years, it has helped create memories for millions of guests.

Fairytale Town, a nonprofit organization, is located in Sacramento and relies on the support of the public. They even send out a weekly newsletter, the Humpty Dumpty report.

To help children in this area have their fairytale dreams become reality, you can donate a car. If you have a vehicle that has been on standby for months on end, call donate a car. We can turn this contribution into a donation towards Fairytale Town.