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Donate A Car

There are countless articles about the good that comes to individuals whenever you donate a car to a charity such as The National Kidney Foundation. With no intention of taking away from these reports, we may have overlooked a more important point of view. Have you ever considered that in donating a car while you are doing great things for others, you are also changing yourself into a better person?

Scientists have witnessed the chemical changes in our own minds when we do something altruistic for others. To be sure, we are making the world a better place by helping others, and at the very same time, we are becoming more of everything we were intended to be.

Think of changes in the life cycle of a butterfly. A butterfly will lay fertilized eggs. Those eggs will hatch into caterpillars. Caterpillars take everything in they can for their survival and are always consuming. That is where most of us have been. We are working for our survival. We are working and consuming. One day, we realize we have what we need and we have no more desire to consume.

This is the chrysalis stage. As human creatures, we also experience metamorphosis. Suddenly and almost without warning the consuming period comes to stop. Rather than looking outward for all that we need, our focal point changes to looking inward to what we are becoming. This inward change is a way of developing into an exquisite creature. With each altruistic act, we alter our brain chemistry and we become better and happier. Every time we find a way to help another or to serve another, we are using this inward metamorphosis to develop rare qualities in ourselves. We work to make a better world for the other little eggs and caterpillars.

So, when you think to yourself, “What can I do to make the world a better place? ” Remember the world is only as beautiful as the creatures in the world. You are one of those creatures. Your generosity changes your entire brain chemistry. As you look inward and find ways to lift the lives of others, you are turning into a beautiful, rare and exquisite person. The inner beauty that has developed through your charitable acts makes the world a more beautiful place. Your inner beauty will inspire others to look and create more inner beauty.

Donating a car may seem as if you are helping others. Your act of selflessness becomes a rare thing of lasting beauty, not just for others to see, but inward you will have changed and you will never be the same. Just as butterfly emerges, you are becoming someone rare and exquisite. Yes, a donation makes the world better, but as you give of yourself, you will feel exquisite and beautiful. By donating a car, you have changed your world and the world of others from the inside out.