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Over 1.5 million Americans living with Lupus know that it is a mysterious disease. A chronic autoimmune disease, with no known cause and no cure, it causes an individual’s body to attack itself through antibody production causing debilitating pain and can even be life-threatening. Life, at the best of times, can be fraught with challenge and disappointment, add to that the feeling that your body is actively trying to destroy itself and it gets even harder. By donating your car, you are partnering with the patient advocates at the Lupus Foundation of America and helping to fight this devastating disease.


Patient Support

Receiving a diagnosis of any disease can be a frightening thing, with Lupus it is frightening and unknown at the same time. The Lupus Foundation reaches out to Lupus patients through education about the disease, insurance questions, treatment options, and a variety of other questions that thousands of other patients have gone through.


Through the Lupus Foundation patients can also connect with support groups, learning from others who have traveled a similar road.


Caregiver Information

The Lupus Foundation has developed continuing education programs for healthcare professionals that support the overall mission of being a valuable resource in the fight against Lupus. Through these programs, members of an effective healthcare team can learn more about new research, diagnosis and treatment options, and a broader idea of the outcomes of this disease.


The Lupus Foundation also offers doctors several tools that can be shared with their patients. These tools help them to better track their symptoms, get help with the cost of medications, and help them get educated about the disease that is part of their life.


Continuing Research

One of the most important works that the Lupus Foundation pursues is in supporting aggressive, continuing research to help end Lupus. Through direct funding of medical research, support for families looking at participating in clinical trials, and pushing for public and private support of more research, the Lupus Foundation is leading the charge against the suffering this disease causes.


By supporting the Lupus Foundation of America with the donation of your old vehicle through Donate A Car, you are making this research and education possible. Your generosity makes a difference in the lives of thousands.