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September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Donate a Car is asking for car donations on behalf of the American Childhood Cancer Organization. Cancer is the disease that kills more children than any other, yet the cure remains elusive. With funding for research and help for families we can help those who suffer with this disease to find the help and healing that they need.

Support for Families

The major focus of American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) is to offer support for families who are struggling with childhood cancer. A diagnosis for a child means a diagnosis for the entire family. Treatments, hospital stays, financial strain, and fear affect everyone and ACCO offers assistance to help families get through the difficulties associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment, including:

  • Age appropriate information to help families explain cancer to young children
  • Cancer facts for families that are easy to understand
  • Financial, social, and emotional support for patients and family members

Patient Advocacy

Childhood cancer treatments have remained largely unchanged for the last two decades and the treatments used, which were intended for adult cancer patients, can cause tremendous complications in little bodies. ACCO believes that more research is necessary to find appropriate treatments for the tiniest cancer patients. Research must continue to ensure that the best treatment possible is followed for the most vulnerable cancer patients. At ACCO they believe in fighting for the welfare of children with cancer, because they can’t fight cancer alone.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

This month you have a chance to increase awareness and raise funds to fight for a cure. The ACCO has a Childhood Cancer Awareness Month website where you can find out how you can help. Find out more here: