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If you’ve ever gone to school, you know how difficult it can be to choose a field of study that you will enjoy, can afford, and will provide the type of employment income you are aiming for. February is Career and Technical Education month and we have partnered with Ranken Technical College to show some great benefits of study in the field of technology.


Ranken Technical College is a nonprofit, private degree-granting college that not only provides industry leading employers with graduates that have innovative knowledge and skill, but also positive work values and attitudes. You can support Ranken in their mission to prepare students for employment and advancement in the technical field with your generous car donation through Donate-a-Car.


Reasons To Aim For Education in a Technical Field


1. High Demand Field / High Pay

Technology is an integral part of the success of an array of different fields, therefore, technology experts are in high demand. This typically means that technology professionals are among the most well paid experts of any industry. Because employers are competing for skilled talent, there is:

  • More opportunities for work
  • Higher starting pay
  • Less wait time from graduation to employment


2. Education That Costs Less Money

A degree from a technical school is much less expensive than a degree from a 4-year college. Usually the program is shorter which means the fees, tuition and textbooks cost less. It also means that you can pay off your school loans much faster and therefore enjoy that financial benefit. Also, tech schools typically have programs going throughout the year, ensuring you do not need to wait for a new academic year to begin your career training.


3. Education That is Career Focussed

Tech schools, like Ranken Technical College, provide education that is career-focussed. So when you graduate, you have the specific experience and skills needed to succeed in your field. A learning environment is provided which is similar to a workplace setting, with labs for classrooms, helping provide hands on learning. Career service advisors are also provided to tech students to help them get employment after graduation.


4. Work That Makes a Difference

Many work industries come with long tedious meetings, absurd deadlines, and eventual frustration and boredom. With an education and employment in the technical industry, you can look forward to amazing jobs with great perks. This industry is all about developing solutions. Few industries are able to shift the way the world lives and functions the way that technology does. You can be making a difference from creating apps that educate all ages to building websites for charity organizations. You get to be a part of changing the way things are done and improving the world.