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Grant Rasmussen donates items to help moms

It’s easy to see the needs of people who live far away from us. Like those struggling in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria or the ongoing economic crisis in Venezuela. Often though, we aren’t aware of the needs of people who live our own communities. Looking around our communities with eyes to see where we can help is a start to making a difference where it matters most, right at home.


This is what 14-year old Grant Rasmussen from Lapeer, Michigan learned for himself. He has set forth an example showing that even small acts of kindness can have a big impact in your local community.

selfless teen sets an example of giving and donating to help needy moms

It all began when Grant was in 3rd grade and went on a field trip with his class. They visited the local Pregnancy Resource Center where Grant and his class learned about this organization’s goals to assist pregnant women, mothers and their babies. Young Grant was struck by the visit and felt a desire to help as well.


That was more than five years ago and now Grant has put those desires into action. For years now he has raised money and purchased supplies for the Center. And his contributions are quite monumental.

Teen boy gathers supplies to donate for moms and pregnant women

Upon discovering that the Pregnancy Resource Center did not have any government funding and relied only on donations for needed items, Grant felt inspired to do something. So he held garage sales for the Center which have brought in from $300 up to $900. People also donated things like clothes, car seats and baby supplies. The Center and the moms who make use of it are extremely thankful for Grant’s hard work. Yet he says he couldn’t accomplish all this if it weren’t for the support of his family. And it is truly a family-fueled effort of love. From collecting coupons all year long to setting up and running the yearly garage sales, Grants mother, father and older sister are very much involved too.

Grant shops for items to donate to help moms at Pregnancy Resource Center

On his first visit to the center, Grant was sad when he saw that some of the babies had to sit in soiled diapers due to the fact that some parents couldn’t afford to buy diapers. He also liked the Mom Bucks program where as the mothers learned how to improve the care of their babies in keeping them clean and safe, the more needed supplies like diapers they could receive for their child.


In sharing his story, Grant hopes that more teenagers will feel motivated to look outside of themselves and contribute to something bigger. His advice is that we must realize that some individuals or organizations might need money for things more than we do. And that we should all do what we feel prompted to do as it will likely help a person in need.


Very wise counsel from a 14-year old boy.

Teenager holds fundraiser garage sale to get donations for needy moms

We can’t help but be impressed and inspired by this youth’s story. Yet overall, we hope that it reminds each of us to teach our children that the tiniest acts of kindness can produce a ripple effect that spreads hope and love to someone who needs it most.Keep up the awesome work Grant!


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