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The weather outside might be frightful, but the holiday season is so delightful! With warm fires, hot cocoa, and cards from friends, who wouldn’t enjoy the festive feeling? Yet for many of us, shopping for just the right items, running endless errands, and stressing over all the people we need to get gifts for can run quite an emotional toll.


So much shopping! There seem to be so many people to get gifts for and we don’t want to forget anyone. It seems like year after year more and more presents are given and expected.


If you can relate to this, here’s an idea to make shopping more simple and just plain… less. How about putting a stop to the crazy holiday spending, especially in your own home with your children.


Here’s a challenge you might want to try. Get only four gifts for each child. No more. The gifts would be as follows:


  1. An item they want.
  2. An item they need.
  3. An item to wear.
  4. An item to read.


You might be surprised how well your children will respond. It can help reel in any out-of-control obsession over things and focus more of what is most important. Since there are only four gifts, they may just feel more gratitude for what they do get. Each gift can be a focus on spending more time as a family and not just another thing to wrap.


So, are you game this year to take the Christmas Gift Challenge?

Just remember:  Want, Need, Wear, Read. 🙂

This challenge was originally shared by the money saving sisters.