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Did you know that over 115,000 individuals, including children are waiting for an organ donation and every ten minutes someone else is added to that waiting list? Each day, twenty people die while waiting for a transplant. Living donation happens when a healthy individual donates a kidney, lung, part of the liver, pancreas, bone marrow, or blood to another individual. Living donors truly save lives.  


While not everyone can become a living donor, we can help in other ways. Donating your car to the American Transplant Foundation can also help save lives. Car donation is easy, simply give us a call or use our online form. The proceeds from your unwanted car can go a long way in helping those who need a transplant.


The American Transplant Foundation is a non profit organization headquartered in Colorado that believes no one should die while they are waiting for a transplant. They work to save lives by maximizing living organ donation to reduce the number of people waiting for transplants. The ATF is the only non profit organization that provides one-on-one peer support, education, and crucial financial help to living donors and patients of transplants including their loved ones.


Becoming a Living Donor

Living donors do not only change the life of a patient, but also that of their whole family, friends and community. Living donation does require critical and invasive medical procedures. If you want to be a living donor, make sure you are ready to donate by doing a thorough review of all the information and consulting with your doctor or transplant team.

Living Donors are:

  • Typically between the years of 18 and 60, yet acceptable ages may vary
  • Often close relatives of the recipient, but not always
  • Must have a compatible blood type
  • Must have a compatible tissue type for kidney donation
  • Carefully evaluated by physical examination, lab tests, and psychosocial examination
  • Approved by the health care team at the transplant center


Because of the overwhelming need for organ transplants, friends, relatives, loved ones and even strangers have come forward to become living donors. They have helped for than 100,000 individuals in America who were waiting for kidney and liver transplants. Almost 6,000 liver and kidney transplants were made possible in 2016 alone. Read about some of these personal stories here. You may receive a tax deduction for your vehicle donation to support this cause. 

For more information on what to consider before becoming a living donor, visit the What to Consider Before Donating page from the American Transplant Foundation site.