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It has been long argued that people don’t own pet cats, cats own pet people. It might be true, and unfortunately, for whatever reason, some of those cats find themselves without a permanent home. The population of feral cats can grow quickly, and in the San Francisco East Bay area of California they have human friends looking out for them. The volunteers at Fix Our Ferals have been advocating and providing services to help reduce the number of feral cats in the area and help improve the health of feral cat colonies. When you donate a vehicle through Donate a Car on behalf of Fix Our Ferals the proceeds go to help provide these necessary services.


The Feral Cat Problem

Feral cats are simply domesticated cats that have either never been pets or who have found themselves without homes. These cats are usually able to care for themselves, but without proper care they are susceptible to disease and over-population. Some communities find that feral cats create problems for communities and homeowners. Feral cats can spread disease to house cats, can damage property, and effect property values. For many years, communities have used a trap and euthanize method for reducing the feral cat population, but since 1998, Fix Our Ferals has been implementing a more humane and more successful model.



The program the Fix Our Ferals employs is called a trap-neuter-return or tnr protocol. This method uses live trapping methods to catch the feral cats. This method is more effective than a traditional trap and kill model because the live, neutered cats maintain their presence in a given territory, discouraging more cats from moving in, and eventually leading to a natural reduction of feline population. By managing an existing colony of cats, the human population in an area has more control of the animals they share the space with.


Befriend the Felines

With your donation to Fix Our Ferals through the Donate a Car service, you are helping to save the lives of these beautiful animals while helping the communities that they call home.