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benefits of donating a car to charity

There comes a time in the life of every car owner when you have to get rid of your old vehicle and get a new one. For this situation, there are two main options. You can either sell your old car or donate it to charity. While many times people will favor the first option, car donations to charity can yield some pretty great benefits.


Car donors receive financial and emotional benefits. Not having to sell your car means you can free up that time and involvement normally used to prepare, list, and schedule appointments to sell it. What’s nice is you don’t have to wait until you’re ready to get rid of your car to donate it.


Six Benefits of Donating a Car to Charity:

1. You Get To Have a Positive Impact

A major benefit to donating anything to charity is that your donation can change someone’s life. When you donate your car, you are given an opportunity to make a difference. You might think that a vehicle donation would be less helpful to poverty-stricken or low-income households. However, this is not typically the case. Gifting your car to a non-profit organization can succor such households directly or indirectly. The vehicle can be sold and the revenue used to aid the less fortunate in your community. Donating a car can help someone get back on their feet. Who wouldn’t feel happy when they can uplift someone in need even in the smallest way possible?


2. Monetary Benefits

Donating a vehicle can have benefits way beyond the conveying of kindness and generosity. Unknown to many, vehicle donations also derive several monetary benefits to the donor. Most commonly, the possible tax benefit. Gifting your car to charity might put some cash back in your wallet after the next tax return filing. You just need to learn the qualification criteria and the regulations. With correct advice, you can guide your donation to receive the largest net tax deduction available for your donation. Essentially, the amount you will be able to deduct will be dependent on your car’s value. You may even qualify for a deduction on your taxes up to the amount of your car’s sale price. This could be a nice perk, especially if it’s worth $500 or more.


3. Free Up More Space

Getting more space in your garage or on your property is a good reason why anyone would want to get rid of their old vehicle. When you don’t have room to park your cars, or room for guests to park when they visit, donating a vehicle may just be your best option.


4. Donating a Car is Super Easy To Do

The process of donating a car to charity is very simple and easily done. When compared to selling your vehicle, donating is hassle free and much less time consuming. Here at Donate-a-Car, we partner with over 500 trusted charities, giving you the most options for your car donation. You simply choose a charity that you feel passionate about.


If you love animals and want to help end animal cruelty, you might choose to donate your car to The Humane Society of the United States. If you have a loved one who has suffered with cancer, The Cancer Research Institute would be a good choice. Or you can search by state and donate to a charity that will benefit your community.


Then you fill out our online form or give us a call. After we get your information, we will call you to schedule a time to tow your car. We handle all the paperwork for you. After your car donation is processed, we send you a receipt for your tax purposes. Easy peasy!


5. Reduce Your Expenses

Even though your car is a valuable asset, car ownership comes with several unavoidable costs. You can free up some of those repeated expenses when you donate your car to charity. You get to save money on things like gas, car insurance, car washes, repairs, new tires, lube jobs and other maintenance costs. Combine all this with the previous benefits and we are brought to the last and most paramount benefit: You get to enjoy peace of mind!


6. Receive Peace of Mind

Owning a car comes with certain risks. Things can happen anytime. You can get a call that your car damaged someone’s property, or someone damages your car. All car owners are subject to car theft. There is time that must be spend on the upkeep of your vehicle while you have it. Honestly, all these needs and expenses can bring one stress. Your vehicle charity donation is a wonderful way to lessen those car-related burdens. It can give you peace of mind.


Now that you know the benefits of donating your car to charity, below are ten great charities to consider helping with your car donation. 


American Diabetes Association

Friends of Children with Special Needs

Keep America Beautiful

Lupus Foundation of America

Mental Health America

National Kidney Foundation

Paralyzed Veterans of America

Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network



You can also search through our list of charities by name, keyword, type of charity or by state.