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According to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, there are nearly 40,000 U.S. veterans that are homeless on any given night! This is one reason why we have teamed up with the charity, Veterans Lodging Inc.


Located in Tennessee, The Veterans Lodging Inc is dedicated to uplifting homeless, troubled or disabled veterans. A vital part of what they offer our veterans is full assistance through their National Telecenter at 503.744.9788. They help provide programs like: homeless lodging assistance, job placement, free meals and cash assistance. Once a veteran in need calls their National Telecenter for help, the success rate for needed assistance is very high.


It is Military Appreciation Month and here are six ways that you can uplift our nation’s veterans.


  1. Donate a car for veterans. Your vehicle donation to Veterans Lodging Inc will help a homeless veteran receive needed help.


  1. Give a ride to a veteran. Some veterans will need medical care for the remainder of their lives. Programs like Disabled American Veterans and the DAV Transportation Network gives free transportation to those who cannot travel to their medical facilities by themselves. Volunteer to drive a van for those veterans who need a ride.


  1. Send a letter or care package. You can write a handwritten letter of gratitude or create a thoughtful care package to send to a veteran, wounded warrior or even their caregiver through


  1. Listen and share their stories. If you have a relative or good friend who is a veteran, encourage them to tell their story and then write it down. Share it with your friends and family. Many of our nation’s veterans have stories that are have never been told. The Library of Congress is also collecting these stories for the Veterans History Project.


  1. Volunteer at a VA hospital. Whether it’s simply to provide companionship or work directly with patients in their programs, your local VA hospital would be delighted to have your time.


  1. Pick up their tab. The next time you are standing in line for coffee or you are at a restaurant and see a veteran, pay for their food or drink. Just saying, “thank you for all you have given” could mean so much to them. Or pay their tab anonymously. It doesn’t have to just be a latte or a meal, pick up their tab for a cart of groceries, a prescription, or even a tank of gas.


No matter what your volunteer interests may be, you can find joy in helping our veterans. Car donation for veterans is one simple, yet effective way to help make a difference in the lives of struggling heroes.