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Car Donation is a great to help fund charities that help those in need. One of the charities that benefits from car donation is the Lupus Foundation of America Inc. Here is more information about the charity and how car donation funds research for lupus:

Lupus Foundation of America Inc

Dedicated to making the life of those suffering with lupus better, the Lupus Foundation of America helps people by offering comprehensive programs of education, advocacy, and research. LFA is the largest and oldest charity that is focused on improving the health and wellness of those who have lupus. The organization is dedicated to both improving the quality of life along with giving excellent care and finding a cure for lupus. The research and education of the LFA is working to bring attention on the national level by providing information on this disease, building support, and making it a prominent part of the overall health care agenda. The Lupus Foundation of America works to bring clinicians, researchers, policy makers, elected officials, industry leaders, and people that are directly affected by lupus together.

Lupus Research

Lupus has been considered a very difficult disease to understand and has caused it to be challenging to solve the mystery of this disease. Lupus drug development has been very disappointing in the past. Faster progress will be made with more innovative research. Looking for cues on what is working will best facilitate progress in finding the cause and cure of this disease.

Advancement in Research

Understand lupus through funding important studies is one way the Lupus Foundation of America is striving to advance the research on lupus. Clinical trials are made more effective and efficient by modern methods and streamlining clinical trials. Efforts to help increase funding is done in a comprehensive way to encourage federal funding.

Pioneering Efforts

The Lupus Foundation of America is the first organization dedicated to research in cardiovascular disease in relation to lupus. LFA is the only organization that has focused on pediatric research. Brain and kidney research has been part of the comprehensive research from the LFA. More than $100 million has been contributed by the federal government for the research of lupus.