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Caregivers are those who provide physical or social support to someone who is aging or has a disability. When a child has a disability, most often it is the parents who become caregivers to that child. A caregiver of someone with a disability will help them learn, assist them with daily tasks, and arrange for needed services.


Easter Seals East Georgia provides support and resources for caregivers. They are dedicated to helping those with special needs along with their families and caregivers. An Easter Seals car donation is a great way to show support for caregivers and those with disabilities.


Some ways that Easter Seals cares for Caregivers are:


  • Arranging Respite Services
  • Providing a Caregiving Guide that goes over things step-by-step
  • Giving a free downloadable Caregiving Study
  • Offering Financial Guidance


Being a Caregiver:

When you are consistently caring for someone with a disability, it can be a mixed experience. You can feel great satisfaction in helping a loved one. Serving another person can bring much joy and help your own problems feel smaller. The work that caregivers provide is invaluable, and being apart of someone’s growth and well-being can bring great meaning into your own life.

There are also some difficulties with being a caregiver as well. Most caregivers will experience at one time or another, feelings of isolation, frustration, fatigue, and sometimes resentment. These feelings can lead a caregiver to feel overwhelmed at times.


It’s important for caregivers to take time for themselves. There are steps you can take to reverse the feelings of exhaustion. Here are some ideas for caregivers:


1. Take care of your needs.

Schedule time where you are able to relax and be away from your role as caregiver. This is really important as it gives you that time to re-charge and feel refreshed.


2. Share the decision-making load.

When it’s applicable, let the person you are caring for help with decisions involved in their caring. Let them be your partner. It helps take some of the burden off and allows them a sense of independence.


3. Research and learn.

Search through information about the specific disability or condition of the loved one you are caring for. Get informed about what their progress can look like so you can plan for the future.


4. Involve others.

Ask friends and other family members for their help. They may not volunteer on their own, but typically people are willing to help and appreciate when you do ask them. Maybe have a family meeting to discuss ideas and responsibilities.


Many people who become caregivers don’t feel that they have time or the ability to be a caregiver. Although there are many helpful skills, it really comes down to being willing to just be there. Offering comfort and putting other things aside to help a loved one is the heart of caregiving.


Please consider supporting caregivers and those with disabilities with an Easter Seals car donation through Donate-a-Car. It’s easy by just giving us a call, or filling out our online car donation form.