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The week of March 7-12th is National Boys and Girls Club week.The national organization opens its doors across the United States, U.S. territories, and military installations during this week, waiving membership fees. This gives the community a chance to learn more about the organization and the benefits it offers to kids of all ages, along with the opportunity to support the Boys and Girls club through car donation.

About Boys and Girls Club

Innovative and educational programs that are fun, help teens and kids reach for for their dreams and develop leadership skills. The Boys & Girls Clubs of America have been in service for more than 100 years. They have promoted youth to become productive, responsible, and caring members of their community. Currently there are more than 4,000 clubs that help support 4 million kids nationwide. The Boys and Girls Club serves to provide a safe place where they can foster friendships, be mentored by caring adults, along with fun and innovative developmental programs. These programs are offered during non-school hours, and help emphasize good character, academic success, healthy lifestyles, and citizenship. More than 50 percent of alumni that were contacted through Harris Survey said that the Club contributed to saving their lives.

Youth Bill of Rights

A ‘Youth Bill of Rights’ has been introduced as a part of the National Boys & Girls Club Week. Clubs are seeking to empowering youth to stand up and become the leaders in their communities across the nation. Written by members of the Boys & Girls Club, the Youth Bill of Rights is aimed at giving kids power to create change in their community, and to show that their voices matter and can be heard.

Great Futures Quilt

To help celebrate the National Boys and Girls Club week and to prepare for the upcoming National Conference in May many Clubs across the United States are contributing a patch to the “Great Futures” quilt. The quilt is a representation of how the youth of the Boys and Girls Club across the country are contributing positively to their communities. The quilt will be presented in New Orleans at the BGCA’s National Conference.