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Loneliness and social isolation among the elderly is an increasing problem that is only heightened during the winter months. ACC Senior Services encourages members of the community, friends, families and caregivers to help fight loneliness and increase independence for seniors.


In 1972, the ACC was founded by leaders in the Asian American community to enhance the quality of life for older adults and create a gathering place for them. Currently, the ACC is led through a voluntary board of directors as a nonprofit corporation out of Sacramento, California.


In just the first twenty years, the ACC successfully produced and supported over a dozen civic organizations and programs which attended to needs like mental health and job training for the elderly.


Today, the ACC offers services and program that increase independence, health and wellness for seniors and their caregivers. Donating a car to ACC is a great way help an elderly person find more independence and fight loneliness.


Transportation Services

ACC Rides is a program that provides door-to-door transportation. Older adults can obtain rides to ACC Senior Services, other senior centers, grocery shopping, Meals on Wheels Café sites, errands, field trips, and medical and dental appointments. To utilize this service or sign up as a volunteer, visit the ACC Transportation page.


Support and Caregiver Services

Many services that help seniors with their caregiving needs are provided by ACC. These include:

  • A Caregiver Network that helps recognize issues and offers guidance
  • A Visitor Program that offers caregivers a much-needed break from their duties.
  • A Transportation Program providing rides
  • A Meal Program bringing nutritious food to home-bound seniors
  • A Resource Guide for caregivers to help them cope.


Elderly Companionship Program

To help prevent depression and isolation among older adults, the ACC provides a Friendly Visitor Program which trains and places volunteers to friendship seniors who have disabilities or who are home-bound. Activities they engage in with the seniors range from playing games, creative arts, watching movies or TV, reading, short walks, light exercise, or simply visiting and companionship.


Job Training Program

Seniors with low-income who need to find employment or job training can benefit form the federally-funded program offered by ACC. This is a paid job training and career development program with all those enrolled required to aim towards finding a job.


ACC Meals on Wheels

Eligible seniors can receive nutritious meals delivered to their homes through the Meals on Wheels program by ACC. Each weekday, hot meals are delivered while frozen meal packages that can be heated up in the microwave are delivered weekly. Older adults must be at least 60 years old, live in the Sacramento area, and meet other eligibility requirements.


We encourage you to donate a car for seniors and help fight against isolation and encourage independence for an elderly person in need.