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The annual National Safety Month is observed in June. It gives focus on reducing the causes of injury and death in our homes and neighborhoods. However, safety for children includes providing a quality home environment for them to grow which is part of the mission of Agape Villages.


In 1958, Agape Villages began as the Sierra Children’s Home and matured into an organization of group homes. Their name changed to Agape Villages in 1995 when they became a foster family care agency. Since their beginning, Agape Villages has helped over 6,000 troubled youth in California.


Helping young people be safe is as simple as a foster kids car donation to Agape Villages through Donate-a-car.


As a licensed foster family agency, Agape Villages serves disadvantaged kids throughout Northern California from infants to the age of 21. Being available on-call at all times and providing weekly in-home case management by a high level social worker are just two services that characterize this charity.


In working to help children, some of their goals are:

  • Giving biological dysfunctional families favorable circumstances to heal, develop and grow.
  • Strengthening the relationships of families, where appropriate, and promoting reunification.
  • Producing a safe and nurturing setting for neglected and abused kids until they can be reunited with their families or adopted.
  • Giving youth caring and supportive foster parents who are committed to a lifetime of love and attention when reuniting with their biological family is not possible.
  • Creating and maintaining certified and trained foster families for the nurturing of each child.
  • Advocating and obtaining the best supplemental support services accessible for the unique needs of each child.


What makes Agape Villages Foster Care program unique is how they go above and beyond the minimal needs of foster care placement through the recruitment and training of high-quality foster families. They provide an Enrichment program for foster kids to improve their quality of life through positive activities like horseback riding lessons, karate, art classes, instrument lessons, dance lessons and more. Their Transitional Youth Program helps teenage foster kids prepare for daily life as an independent adult. Life skills involving job training, college preparation, and job sustaining are taught.


Agape Villages also provides great resources for foster parents as well as for foster kids. They are committed to maximizing the potential of disadvantaged children.


As part of National Safety Month, you can help a child in crisis find a safe home when you donate your car for kids at Agape Villages. Just a few moments filling out our online form or giving us a call, can make a difference in a child’s life. You will receive free towing of your car and may qualify for a tax deduction.