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Did you know that diabetes and high blood pressure are the two main causes of kidney disease? There are specific things that can escalate a person’s chance of getting kidney disease, but not necessarily cause it. These are termed risk factors.


The American Kidney Fund (AKF) works hard to eliminate risk factors for kidney disease and to help anyone affected be able to fight this difficult illness.


Today we are highlighting this wonderful charity that works on behalf of the thirty million Americans who have kidney disease. Through a wide scope of services and programs and top-rated educational resources, the American Kidney Fund is a leader in educating patients and the public.


When you donate a car for kidney disease, you make a big difference in the work that the AKF gives.


Ensuring that each person in the United States that is at risk for kidney disease is enabled to prevent it as well as making sure that each kidney patient is able to receive health care are the two big focuses of the American Kidney Fund. They provide several services and programs. We will talk about just a few of them below.


Financial Assistance for Patients

The AKF assists patients on dialysis to help pay for expenses related to their treatment. This includes out of pocket expenses, health insurance premiums, prescriptions drugs, and medical supplies. The grants given to patients are need-based in order to assist those who are most financially vulnerable.


Free Screenings for Kidney Health

Free community kidney health screenings are made available by the AKF at large events and in metropolitan areas. Typically, screenings are set up in target communities that are known for heightened risk of kidney disease. Indicators for diabetes, heart disease and other important health risks are also checked.


Education for the Public

Public health education initiatives established through the AKF give beneficial information to caregivers and patients about all facets of kidney disease and treatment. This includes important material on prevention. They offer a toll-free HelpLine at 866-300-2900 as well as their Kidney Health Coach Program to support people in learning their risk for kidney disease and how they can prevent it.



Advocating for policies that will help improve the health of those affected by kidney disease is another service of the AKF. They work to unite caregivers, patients and professionals with their 50-state Advocacy Network, making a powerful voice in their communities and on Capital Hill.


Clinical Research

Some of nephrology’s most brilliant scholars are funded by the AKF’s Clinical Scientist in Nephrology Program which aims to improve patient care and outcome. This professionals in this program have progressed to be some of the country’s leading nephrologists working at the top teaching hospitals in the nation.


The American Kidney fund was founded in 1971 and for almost half a century they have been working to save and improve lives. They spend 97 cents of each dollar they receive on their patients and programs.


When you support the AKF with your kidney car donation, you invest in the lives of kids and adults struggling with kidney disease.