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Did you know that millions of our service men and women stationed overseas never receive any mail? Besides frequently not having the basic necessities, these individuals have to endure rough conditions of serving abroad without indications of support and encouragement from loved ones and friends back home.


If you are considering a Military car donation, we hope you will consider the work from this tremendous charity.


Any Soldier is a non-profit charity that was created by a former military couple who had a son serving in Iraq in 2003. Although they were sending their son, Army Sergeant Brian Horn several care packages per week, Brian asked his parents to send more for the soldiers that don’t get anything. Having spent their careers in the armed forces, the Horns understood immediately the need. They created a website for the project and an address to send care packages to with the words “Attn: Any Soldier”. Brian gave these packages to soldiers who were not receiving any mail.


From this small beginning, the project grew and to date has served over two million troops. Recipients are overwhelmed at the response when receiving a package labeled to “Any Soldier”.  Much joy, gratitude and awe has been expressed when they receive this support. Unit leaders often write about how this program has helped their troop. You can visit their About page to read some of the gratitude that has been shared.




You can donate a car to Any Soldier and help a man or women overseas receive some love and support from home. Any Soldier is run entirely on donations and is family-run and operated. Some of the projects that Any Soldier has provided include:

  • Gathering, providing and donating Laptops, iPads, Netbooks, etc. to fulfill troops requests for IT equipment.
  • Shipping a large amount of electric rechargeable shavers to Marines who did not have running water but did have generators in southern Afghanistan.
  • Sending over 5,000 specially designed care packages to soldiers who had little to no support and had experienced a large loss.


Any Soldier is also a big supporter of Wounded Warriors and has provided a trailer full of entertainment items and other donated things to the Wounded Warrior Battalion-East Regiment showing their great appreciation for our wounded Marines and sailors.