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Nothing is more important than protecting our children. Providing a safe environment to learn, grow and thrive is imperative as our children are our future. One of the oldest and biggest statewide comprehensive agencies for children is the Arizona’s Children Association (AzCA).


Since 1912, ACA has been providing an array of services and programs to meet the needs of over 40,000 youth, kids and families every year. As a large comprehensive agency, the AzCA is focused on child welfare and behavioral health. They are located in all 15 Arizona counties.


Your car donation for kids will help the AzCA in their important work.


The Arizona’s Children Association staff are dedicated, caring and professionally trained to give a large spectrum of services. Their expert team assists in creating and sustaining a healthy family environment. Every program is customized to meet the needs of the particular family, child or individual. Each member of their team is expertly able to maneuver between the child welfare programs and the behavioral health needs to give additional resources and support for each child and family.


Behavioral Health & Trauma Response

Children and families impacted by abuse and trauma are guided through their healing process through the AzCA’s strength-based services. Programs are set up to provide intervention and support for each child and their family, addressing each pressing need and working to strengthen the family unit. For individuals who have experienced sexual trauma, they have specialty Trauma Services offering help with or without insurance with no cost to the person.


Family Education & Support

The early years of a child’s life is the most crucial time to lay a foundation for success. The AzCA offers programs from early infant brain development to workshops and classes for parents of newborns. These efficient programs help new and experienced caregivers and parents prepare their kids for success.


Family Preservation & Reunification

The AzCA helps families in crisis by administering in-depth intervention strategies to improve health, safety and general well-being. This process assists in strengthening families and lessening the trauma and out-of-house removals. When an out-of-house removal cannot be averted, these programs help families work towards reunification by establishing practical long-term solutions.


Foster Care & Adoption

The AzCA is the largest foster care provider in Arizona! Foster care families are trained and supported so they can open their homes and hearts to vulnerable kids while their biological parents are healing. They also collaborate with agencies who specialize in adoption and child placement. This collaboration offers a variety of adoption related services for people wanting to adopt privately, internationally or from the foster care system.


More than 90% of the money that the AzCA receives when you donate a car for kids is spent directly on services and programs to those in need. The AzCA continues to remain on the front lines for the child welfare and behavioral health fields serving as a standard of high quality services and ethical accountability.