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This month is national Autism Awareness Month and today we are spotlighting a wonderful charity that is making a big difference for those affected by autism: The Autism Resource Center of Central Massachusetts. Making a car donation to an autism charity is a wonderful way to support a loved one who has autism.


Helping Families and Adults

The Autism Resource Center is just that: a place of incredible resources. You can search your area and age level and find an array of places and groups available at your fingertips. Whether you are looking for preschools, specific intervention methods, support in your community, or certain health services for your loved one, you can find it here.


Research from The Autism Speaks Program

It is imperative to support pioneering research in the area of autism as it has a worldwide benefit for caring and treating those affected in this spectrum of disorders. Just some of the research programs you can get information from are: MSSNG, Global Autism Public Health, Autism Treatment Network, and the Preclinical Autism Consortium for Therapeutics.



They also help families and communities through advocating for help and services needed with Autism Speaks Advocacy Team. From federal and state initiatives to insurance and school needs, having help advocating for the needs of a person with autism helps get your voice heard. Benefits of advocating is help in getting improved health care and having more support for adults with autism.


The Autism Resource Center of Central Massachusetts is a great choice when donating a car to an autism charity. Your donation will help provide crucial help to the families that need them.