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It’s not commonly known that one third of all those with autism residing in California live in Los Angeles County. That is a pretty staggering number. Millions of people affected by autism in the LA area are served through the Autism Society of Los Angeles (ASLA), a non profit charity making a big difference in the community.


Founded in 1965, the LA Chapter of the Autism Society began with local parents coming together to find support, needed services and to share information for their children. And now, for nearly fifty years, this commitment to the LA Community has not wavered. This is one reason we recommend an autism car donation to this great charity.


Public Policy, Education and Advocacy

California is the only state in the country to pass a comprehensive self-determination law with the help of the ASLA government relations team. The ASLA has also provided training for thousands of individuals and parents on the new law in helping people with self-determination. They also help represent people through advocacy on several state-wide committees and commissions.


Autism Warm Line

The ASLA provides a Warm Line at 562-804-5556 where anyone can call with questions about diagnosis and help in traversing the healthcare system. This Warm Line is a beneficial resource for families, providers and advocates.


Series of Speakers

Each month, the ASLA provides a guest speaker for the community with a topic that is needed including things like navigating options for young adults, summer programs, self determination and more. Community members can also request certain topics that they would like covered at a future time.


Autism Safety

Individuals on the Autism Spectrum Disorder are at a higher risk for a police encounter and yet less prepared for safe interaction with the police. The solution to this is two fold: autism training for law enforcement and helping adults and youth with autism understand how to safely interact with the police. The ASLA has partnered with law enforcement for over ten years in bringing awareness, training and promoting positive relationships between the officers and the autism community.


The Board of Directors of the ASLA is all  volunteer with monthly meetings open to the public to provide the most relevant help needed in the community. They focus on legislative and advocacy issues at the state level, yet also have a national presence through the Autism Society of America. Donate a car for Autism and help the ASLA in their important work.