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Charity Profile - Barrett Foundation - Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness

Have you ever met someone who spent their lives in service? If you have, you know that it can change your life. Such is the case with Brother Mathias Barrett. At just sixteen years of age, Brother Mathias entered a Roman Catholic hospital to spend years assisting those in need.

Later on at the age of 85, Brother Mathias founded the Barrett Foundation to serve women and children who were in need of shelter and food. Today, the Barrett Foundation has been providing shelter and housing programs for women and families for over 35 years. 

Each year the Barrett House shelter serves about 300 women and children, providing over 11,000 beds at night and 34,000 meals during the day. is happy to have partnered with the Barrett Foundation for your car donations for children and families. 

Barrett House Shelter

For women with children looking to improve their situation and make their lives better, the Barrett House Shelter can help. It is an emergency shelter where recipients can receive support services, shelter and daily meals. Here a woman with children can have access to referrals to resources, community programs and benefits to help them become ready for more permanent housing. 

Barrett Women’s Respite

Women who have been in the hospital but have no place to go when discharged can benefit from the Barrett Women’s Respite program. This program gives them more time to heal and rest while offering support and resources to help them on their path to secure housing. 

Housing Programs of the Barrett Foundation

There are five housing programs offered by the Foundation with a case manager providing personalized management for each participant. 

  1. Shelter to Rapid Re-Housing
  2. Bridges Rapid Re-Housing
  3. Vecinos Rapid Re-Housing
  4. Milagro
  5. Socorro

Each program is designed to build upon a recipient’s self-sufficiency and to empower them to break their cycle of homelessness. 

It should be noted that those interested in participating in a Barrett Foundation housing program need to be referred through the New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness. 

The vital services provided by the Barrett Foundation create opportunities for individuals to have a safety net to build the strength and stability needed to begin their journey toward securing a home for themselves and their children.