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California Hospice Foundation Donate a Car

None of us like to think of getting a terminal illness, or having a loved one suffer from a life-ending disease. Yet many of us still face these kinds of situations and the only thing we can do is to try to make the best of it. It is estimated that seventy million people can benefit from hospice services or palliative care within the next two decades.


The California Hospice Foundation, known fully as the California Hospice and Palliative Care Association (CHAPCA) believes that each person has a right to pass away with dignity and free of pain and that families should receive the needed support to help their loved one do just that. Founded in 1986, the CHAPCA offers help in the areas of palliative care, hospice services, eligibility & payment, and an providing an array of resources to those in need.


A hospice car donation through Donate-a-Car supports the CHAPCA in providing palliative and hospice care to patients and their loved ones going through a life-ending process.


The services and programs of the CHAPCA are designed to open the door to quality palliative and hospice care services where needed through education, public awareness and public policy.



The best way to stay current on all the changes happening within hospice and palliative care in through the Education program from CHAPCA. From community education fairs, community newsletters, professional conferences, webinars and workshops; CHAPCA ensures that participants are better informed. Caretakers who are better informed generally have a renewed sense of commitment in providing quality end-of-life care to their loved ones and patients.


Choosing a Hospice

Many communities have quite a few hospice services competing for your business. Here are some questions recommended by the CHAPCA to help you decide which one might be best for you:


  1. When you called them on the phone, was the staff helpful and concerned? Were your questions answered?
  2. Do they offer an initial consultation giving you the opportunity to ask them questions to help determine what you need?
  3. Is the service within your geographic area?
  4. How soon can the hospice services start?
  5. What would be expected from the family caregiver? Will they help find more help if it is needed?
  6. What would their responsibilities be exactly? Which service members would you see and how often?
  7. Do they know your personal physician?
  8. What is their availability in a situation where you would need immediate help?
  9. What is their definition of palliative or comfort care? Are there any treatments excluded?
  10. Are there any out-of-pocket expenses?
  11. Do they provide services in various settings like a nursing home?


Hospice services are provided through a team working together drawing upon several different types of professionals to give support services and medical care. This team makes sure that resources and services are available and given when needed without the loved ones having to find and arrange for them.


When you donate a car in California, choose the CHAPCA and help someone needing hospice care receive the support they need. What better gift to give a family than comfort at a time when a loved one is close to passing away. Give us a call today or use our easy online form and we will have your vehicle towed for free within 24 to 48 hours.