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Childhood is a time of wonder, adventure and excitement. Building fond memories in children is a joy for parents, teachers and friends. But when a child is confronted with serious health problems like cancer, it can add a lot of uncertainty in a child’s life.


Over 15,000 kids are diagnosed with cancer each year in the United States. The majority of these families experience huge financial stress.


The Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation Southern Nevada is on a mission to offer programs, emotional support and even financial assistance for kids and their loved ones affected by childhood cancer. Focusing on those three areas, Candlelighters provides support for the child with cancer as well as their siblings and parents.


When looking to donate a car for kids cancer, we recommend Candlelighters for their vital work and the difference they make is the lives of so many children and families.


Chartered in 1978, Candlelighters was formed by two families who each were experiencing childhood cancer in their homes and had little to no resources. In coming together, they created a network of support for other families affected by this disease.Candlelighters Donate a Car

Today, Candlelighters serves about 125 families each month and up to 600 kids in Nevada yearly.


Emotional Support

Support offered by Candlelighters includes:

  1. Teen Scene. This is a monthly program offering teens diagnosed with cancer to meet together and participate in various activities.
  1. Counseling. Children and families can meet with a marriage and family therapist to assist them in handling treatment, healing and bereavement.
  1. Art Therapy. Working with a certified art therapist, children and families affected by cancer are able to receive art therapy services to help boost their mental, emotional and physical well-being.
  1. Day of Remembrance. Each year, Candlelighters holds a “Day of Remembrance” for families who have lost a child to cancer. Parents display photos, momentos and stories about their child. This is a special event to honor and help families with their loss.


Quality of Life

Families going through cancer treatments can sometimes feel isolated. Candlelighters connects these families together by providing activities and programs that are enjoyable. These include things like Thanksgiving Meals, Holiday Adopt-a-Family, Holiday Party, No More Chemo Parties, and Movie Night.


Financial Assistance

Cancer treatment can bring a financial burden to families because of unpaid time off from work and the increasing costs of medical expenses. Candlelighters provides support for families that are eligible. They help with things like travel expenses for treatment, local transportation, reimbursement of co-pay and bereavement assistance.

Furthermore, they offer college scholarship applications for childhood cancer survivors who are 18 to 24 years old.


Forty Faces

Stories from families and individuals who have been helped by Candlelighters is chronicled on their Forty Faces page. Here you can read each child’s unique story and see their pictures.


Helping Candlelighters in their mission to support children with cancer and their families is easy with a cancer car donation to them through Donate-a-Car. Use our link or give us a call today at 1-800-237-5714