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Learning that a child has cancer can turn a family’s world upside down. Not only is the news devastating, but all that is involved in treating this disease and handling the emotional side can be overwhelming. Extended hospital stays, clinic visits several times a week, handling the side effects of treatment, and managing a tight schedule are just a few things a child with cancer has to deal with.


The Childhood Leukemia Foundation (CLF) was founded in 1992 with an aim to empower children with cancer and their families. They provide programs that build self-esteem and help a child with cancer better cope with life. The CLF works with more than 250 hospitals in major cities across the country in helping children. When you donate a car for kids, you help the CLF in their important work.  


Hope Binder

To help a child soon after a cancer diagnosis, CLF has created a Hope Binder, which is an organizational tool that offers simple, step by step segments to assist in documenting a child’s treatment. Segments include; medicines, doctors’ names, treatment protocols, physicians’ appointments, insurance information, hospitals, blood counts and nutrition concerns. 

CLF also has a Hope Binder App giving an electronic solution to enhance health literacy for those facing life-threatening or chronic illness. 


Wish Baskets

The Wish Basket program was created to offer an unexpected delightful surprise to a child fighting cancer. This basket is delivered while the child is at a long hospital stay and is filled with age-appropriate items. After they look through their basket, at the very bottom is a gift card so they can pick out something of their own choice. 

Parents have said that the surprise of their child’s Wish Basket was the highlight of the whole hospital stay. Children are excited to leave and go “shop” with their gift card. This gives the child and parents a sense of normalcy that they haven’t had for a while. 


Hugs U Wear

One of the main drawbacks of cancer treatment is the loss of hair. This can be especially hard for a child to look so different from their peers. Having to appear different and worry about fitting in with their friends should not be another battle. The CLF has provided thousands of 100% human hair wigs with kid friendly hats that are custom made for kids all over the country. This has made a huge difference to children living with cancer.


Keeping Kids Connected

The CLF created this program that gifts iPad to children with cancer to help them stay connected with their family, friends and school during treatment. Having this ability to communicate through technology is an incredible gift in a cancer patients life. Because kids diagnosed with life-threatening and chronic illnesses are usually not able to attend school and their daily activities, this program lets them regain a little bit of normalcy. Plus it lets them have a communication lifeline to life outside of the medical center. 


Resources for Families

When a child has cancer, the whole family is affected. Family members don’t always know what will come next, what is expected or what they should do. One thing remains sure, each person in the family has an important role in supporting the newly diagnosed family member. The CLF helps families navigate these new waters by offering practical and valuable information that solves dilemmas they face. You can find a list of resources for information on their For Families page


If you would like to help the Childhood Leukemia Foundation empower a child with cancer by donating your unwanted car, give us a call at 1-800-237-5714 today.