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We share this world with all kinds of other living things and about 1 to 2 million of those species are animals. All these different kinds of animals make our world a wondrous place to live in and explore. If you have a love of animals, then you will be happy for the work done by In Defense of Animals, which has their main headquarters in San Rafael, California.


In Defense of Animals is an international animal protection agency that has been protecting animals, people and the environment for over thirty years with over 250k supporters and hands-on rescue centers in Africa, India and rural Mississippi.


Most people denounce animal suffering. If you feel a passion to help end the abuse and suffering of animals, your car donation can go a long way to help. Use our online form or give us a call to donate your car to In Defense of Animals today.


A Few of the Campaigns That In Defense of Animals Run Are:


1. Break the Chains

The chaining of dogs was classed as inhumane over twenty years ago, yet many dogs are still subjected to strangulation, starvation, embedded collars, dehydration and even left to suffer horrific deaths in floods and hurricanes because of being chained. This campaign involves a united anti-tethering network that informs humane legislators to help end the suffering of dogs in America.


2. Cetacean Advocacy

Advocating for cetacean involves the fight to provide a place where whales and dolphins are respected and protected. Too often, dolphins and whales are taken from the wild for confinement or slaughtered for food all for profit or entertainment. In Defense of Animals is helping promote a world where whales and dolphins are protected in their natural ecosystems instead of exploited.


3. Community Cats

In the guise of managing cat populations, perfectly healthy cats across the United States are trapped and killed. Cats who roam free are broadly misunderstood and frequently fall victim to cruel human intolerance and ignorance. The archaic paradigm of the “feral cat” is challenged by In Defense of Animals as they encourage communities to Trap-Neuter-Return instead of trap-and-kill of these cats.


4. Elephants

The plight of the elephant has never been as crucial as it is right now. Due to illegal ivory poaching, habitat degradation, capture for public display and trophy hunting by humans, elephants are under siege and threatened by extinction. The proven commitment of In Defense of Animals is working to end elephant captivity through working to keep elephants in the wild, influencing circuses and zoos to retire captive elephants to trusted sanctuaries, and to stop live captures.  


5. Farmed Animals

Some of the least protected animals in our country are those raised solely for food. Even though they have the same capacity to suffer, they are denied the same legal protection from cruelty as other animals such as felines and canines. By pressuring major food supply chains to produce plant-based meals, lobbying for legal change and making the issues of cruelty more aware publicly through initiatives, In Defense of Animals is working hard to protect farmed animals.


Sadly, the exploitation and suffering of animals has been ongoing with millions of animals across the globe suffering as objects of experiments, entertainment, clothing or even thrown out of their habitat due to human expansion. Let’s all do what we can to stay informed and prevent this abuse.