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When there is an overpopulation of cats and dogs, many end up in local shelters and unnecessarily get euthanized to stop overcrowding. For those of us who love animals and want to see them thrive in loving homes, this is tragic.


Fix Our Ferals is a non profit charity that offers affordable spaying and neutering for free-roaming community cats and dogs in the East Bay area as well as other expanded counties. Their leading medial team serves approximately 500 animals each month with incredible compassion and great care. Today we are highlighting this stellar charity for your animal car donation.


Beginning in 1998, Fix Our Ferals has been on a mission to end cat and dog overpopulation in a humane way by making neutering and spaying more accessible and affordable. Animals that they service are cared for by rescue organizations and members of the public. They help with other needed surgeries as well, to help keep cats and dogs out of shelters and with loving guardians.


Packages for Spay-Neuter

For residents who live in the East Bay and surrounding areas, Fix Our Ferals provides spay-neuter packages. Whether a person is planning to trap and pick up a free-roaming cat, run a rescue organization or simply need a vaccination or spay-neuter service, Fix Our Ferals has a package to help.


Quality Surgery at Affordable Rates

Headed by Dr. Jean Goh, who headed the San Francisco SPCA spay-neuter surgical team, the Fix Our Ferals clinical staff is committed to providing top quality care for all felines and canines in the East Bay area. Affordable rates for vaccinations, surgery, microchips and more are made available to everyone. You can make an appointment today.


You might ask how a single individual might save 100 homeless cats?  It’s simple.  Just spay one.


You can donate a car for animals and help Fix Our Ferals in humanely ending the overpopulation of our furry friends.