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Having a child with special needs can be overwhelming for any family. One way to help is by donating a car to the Friends of Children with Special Needs. Your donated car to special needs kids can aid them in their mission to help individuals with specials needs and their families find, hope, love, respect and support through their difficult times.


In 1996, ten families of children with special needs decided to come together to share ideas, support each other, and work to educate others about individuals with special needs. They created a non profit organization that is called Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN), in Fremont California.


Since that time more than two decades ago, FCSN has helped and connected more than 800 families, opened two “Dream Centers”, and provided over 40 comprehensive programs for individuals with special needs and their families. Their work has been far reaching and effective, having been awarded over twenty Resolution of Commendations from public officials.


5 Programs Offered by the FCSN:


1. Adult Services

Every parent of a special needs child worries about what will happen to their child when they are gone. How will they cope? Who will care for them? To calm the parent’s mind, FCSN provides 2 types of adult services: Adult Day Program and Living Services. These award-winning programs give opportunities and training for independence, growth and strengthening friendships.


2. Children’s Programs

There are two programs offered by FCSN which include: After School Program and Enrichment Program. These programs provide assistance, positive guidance and encouragement to help students attain their greatest potential.


3. Summer Programs

Summer Programs are activities and classes to stay engaged throughout the summer. These include: Basketball camp, Soccer camp, Swimming, Drama and Music Camps, and Drama and Music performances.


4. Family Support Programs

Families helping families is one of the main goals for FCSN. Their Family Support Programs help families to have fun together, laugh together and plan their children’s future together. Programs include: Respite Service Program, Family Support Gatherings, Family Fun Activities, and Resources.


5. Asian Disparity Reduction Project

It has been shown that Asian-American families have less usage of services, especially in the younger years. The Asian Disparity Reduction Project is to help lesson the disparities of service for eligible clients. Project goals are community outreach and mentorship and there are 9 languages served including English, Cantonese, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese.


Although the FCSN started as a small family support team, today they are a much larger organization with a dare to dream for a better tomorrow for those affected with special needs by bringing families and the community together. Here at Donate-a-car, we also accept boat donations and RV donations for the FCSN.