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Having a home of their own increases a family’s sustainability and control over their living space. It brings greater security and safety to children. There are many homeless and lower-income families who desperately need a home of their own for the healthy growth and improved quality of life of each family member.


For the Tulsa Habitat for Humanity, giving away homes is not the goal. Rather, they partner with hardworking families to provide a path to home-ownership. Habitat home-purchasers invest in their home through “sweat equity” by working next to the volunteers and sponsors in building their home. They also complete intensive courses on debt counseling, basic home repairs, credit management and more during the home-creation process.


When you donate a car to habitat for humanity, you invest in the future of a family and the community.


The Tulsa Habitat for Humanity believes that each person deserves an affordable, quality place to live. They welcome supporters and volunteers from all backgrounds and serve those in need in Oklahoma no matter what race or religion they are. They believe that it takes a team to build a house.


Housing Needs

Envisioning a world where everyone enjoys affordable and safe housing, Habitat for Humanity shares examples of the need for housing:

  1. Those who are currently homeless or living in temporary housing.
  2. Those who are paying 30% or more of their monthly income for housing.
  3. Those who feel unsafe due to criminal activity in their neighborhood.
  4. When there are structural issues where a person is currently living.
  5. When there is a pest infestation where a person is currently dwelling.
  6. When there are issues with the utilities not being adequate.
  7. Those who are living in overcrowded spaces.


Financial Assistance

Each home built by Habitat for Humanity is priced individually and has particular income qualifications. A credit check is conducted to ensure that the prospective family is not put into any further financial binds. The goal is to provide an affordable 30 year mortgage with affordable payments.


The application process includes pulling a free annual credit report, requesting letters of reference, checking on employment history and gathering identification for each member of the house. Once these steps are finished, applicants can see if they qualify.


The Tulsa Habitat for Humanity helps low-income families and individuals fulfill their dream of homeownership. Your Habitat for Humanity car donation is a great way to help a needy family enjoy a better quality of life in their own home.