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There are two kinds of people in this world, those who love and care for animals, and those who do not. You can see this difference in pet and breeders who put profit above the well-being of the animals or in pet owners who enjoy their pet only while it’s cute but lose interest when it needs training or medical attention.


If you are one of the first kinds of people who truly care for animals, you will appreciate HART (Homeless Animals Rescue Team) located in Virginia. The mission of HART is to rescue and re-home unwanted and abused cats and dog. They don’t just help the younger puppies and kitties who are readily adaptable, they take in the sick, older and injured animals as well. HART works with local kennels, trainers, foster homes and veterinarians to give temporary medical care, housing and training for these animals until they are placed in a carefully-screened loving home.


About HART


Established nearly 30 years ago, HART also assists people who need help relating to their pets due to personal circumstances, failing health or financial problems. Whenever possible, they help the impoverished and elderly to keep their companion pets. If a family can no longer keep their pet, HART helps them find a new loving home for the animal. People who rescue abused or distressed animals themselves can also receive assistance from HART in helping find long-term care for the animals. This can relieve an emotional burden of not having to turn these animals over to a public shelter where they will likely be put down.

Fostering a Pet


Animal lovers may not always be in a position to care for a pet long-term, so HART created a foster program just for you. In fact, fostering a pet is one of the most vital ways of saving the lives of endangered cats and dogs. When an abused or neglected pet is found, the first need it to place them in a loving foster home. If a home is not available, they must be placed into a kennel. Thought kennels do offer a safe place, they do not provide the companionship and love like a foster home can. The cost of housing animals in a kennel is quite a burden.


If foster homes weren’t available, about half of these rescued pets would be put down. For questions on being a foster home for a pet in need, visit HART’s Foster FAQ page.

Sponsoring a Pet


Making a consistent donation in behalf of an animal is another great way to show support for these dogs and cats who need homes. Since some animals are adopted quickly and some are more difficult to place, sponsoring a pet allows a pet to receive medical attention, food, treats, bedding and whatever else they may need to help them become more adoptable.


If you have a friend or family member who loves animals, you can sponsor a pet in honor of them. It’s a great way to remember a cherished pet too. It’s pretty easy to do.  Learn more about Sponsoring a Pet on the HART website.

Donating a Car


If adopting, fostering or sponsoring is not possible, you can donate a car for animals in need. Your unwanted car can support HART in caring for these precious animals needing homes. Your animal car donation can help save lives as well.


We are happy to have partnered with HART and love the good work they do in caring for abandoned and neglected dogs and cats.