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House of Refuge Transitional Housing for Homeless Donate a Car

On any given day in this country, half a million people are homeless with one-quarter of them being children. Many of these people cycle through hospitals, jails and homeless centers in search of a place to sleep. While some people might assume that homeless people are just too lazy to work, for the vast majority this is simply not true.


The House of Refuge has been helping homeless families by providing safe stable temporary housing until they can find employment and eventually obtain permanent housing. A House of Refuge car donation through Donate-a-car goes a long way in helping give a homeless family a better quality of life.


It all started in 1995 when House of Refuge obtained over 85 homes and a chapel to give transitional housing and support to families in need in Arizona and they have been transforming lives ever since.  


Transitional Housing Program

This program is not an emergency shelter, but a social service work program that provides employment support, case management services and transitional housing for those who qualify. People who want to participate in this program need to be working or be able to work within 45 days from moving in. Participants must sign a lease and provide a monthly rent payment that is thirty percent of their adjusted gross income.


Eligibility for this transitional housing program from House of Refuge includes these requirements:


  • Be homeless or at risk of being homeless
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Reside currently in Arizona
  • Have some kind of income that can be verified
  • Have at least one dependent child or pregnant in 3rd trimester
  • Have no charges or convictions of sexual offenses
  • Be able to pass a drug test
  • Be alcohol and drug free


OutReach Team

This is a team of volunteer men and women who are dedicated to raising awareness and funds on behalf of homeless families for House of Refuge. They donate their time, creative minds and willing hands to help on many projects like:


  1. Promoting House of Refuge through social media channels
  2. Becoming ambassadors for House of Refuge in their community network and neighborhoods.
  3. At their local community events or Chambers, representing House of Refuge.
  4. Helping brainstorm ideas for fundraising and public relations.
  5. Chairing one of three committees: Community Awareness, Events/Fundraising and Membership.


Adopt a Home

With the belief that every family deserves a home, House of Refuge assists participants in moving towards self-sufficiency and permanent housing by providing temporary housing and programs. With as little as $11K annually or $917 monthly, donors can provide one home for a family for a whole year. For more information on adopting a home click here.


House of Refuge has provided places of healing and hope for over 7,000 people with a 90% success rate. Half of their residents are women with children who have a history of domestic violence. Their temporary homes and services have saved lives and improved the quality of living for so many.


If you would like to help and cannot afford to adopt a home, you can donate a car for homeless families through Donate-a-Car and support the House of Refuge in their important work. Your car donation can help a homeless person find hope and a new life. Call us today at 1-800-237-5714 or fill out our easy online form.