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3We help the charity sell the vehicle.You may be eligible for a tax deduction.
Charity Profile Humane Rescue Alliance - Helping All animals Thrive - Donate a Car

In 2016, the Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA) was created during the significant merge of two exemplary animal welfare associations, both of which had more than fifty years of experience in rescuing, caring for and protecting animals in the District of Columbia. 


Today, the HRA not only rescues endangered animals, they also investigate animal cruelty cases and provide strong support programs that let pets stay with their families. They also work in several areas to solve the overpopulation of pets nationwide. These are just a few of the reasons why we recommend the HRA for your animal car donation


People and Pets in the Community

The pillar of the work of HRA is to match companion animals with of all kinds with people. This could be dogs and cats to rabbits and fish. Helping to maintain a healthy life, they also are committed to providing veterinary care in the community that is affordable for pet owners. When under-served communities are able to have access to affordable care for their pet, they can more often keep their pets in their homes. 


Inspiring young and old people to treat all living creatures with respect compassion and kindness is part of their humane education programs. The HRA is devoted to safeguarding the welfare and safety of all animals. Their animal protection teams are ready to help night or day. 


Affordable Veterinary Care

The overpopulation of pets often result in heartbreaking consequences. The HRA aims to reduce this overpopulation by providing safe and affordable sterilizations for pets who have homes as well as shelter animals. Their low-cost vaccination clinics offer discounted shots and full-service care to families who quality


Keeping animals healthy at a cost that is affordable is the main goal at the HRA’s Medical Center. They have a proficient medical team that treats thousands of pets annually. In addition, the money collected for services at their Medical Center is directly used to care for pets in the shelter and placed in loving homes. Learn more at the HRA Medical Center page


When you donate a car to help animals, you are helping the HRA in their vital work of rescuing animals, providing needed care for them, and helping them find loving homes. Consider donating a car today. Click the link above or give us a call at 1-800-237-5714 and we’d be happy to answer any questions.