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diabetes car donation for those with Type 1 Diabetes

There is no organization that makes a bigger impact in the battle against Type 1 diabetes (T1D) than JDRF.


T1D is an autoimmune disease that attacks both kids and adults suddenly. It cannot be prevented and has nothing to do with their lifestyle or diet. Currently there is no cure for T1D.


JDRF, which stand for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation was founded in 1970 by parents determined to find a cure for their kids. They have a singular vision to have a world free from type 1 diabetes. JDRF works each day to change the reality of this disease for those who suffer from it and to prevent others from having it. They do this by funding research, advocating for support of therapies and research with the government and making sure new therapies come to market. They also connect those who have T1D with each other for a large support network.


If you are considering a diabetes car donation to support this cause, we couldn’t recommend a more trusted and hard-working charity than JDRF.


JDRF Research

They want a cure and won’t stop until they find one. While moving forwards, the JDRF pushes scientific progress that offers new therapies and treatment that can make daily life with T1D safer, healthier and easier.


This research includes:

  • Artificial Pancreas
  • Glucose Control
  • Beta Cell Replacement
  • Prevention
  • Complications
  • Restoration


JDRF Clinical Trials

One great way to contribute to curing, treating and preventing T1D is by participating in a clinical trial. In the U.S. there are around 20,000 people needed to T1D clinical trials. Most clinical trials are delayed or even fail simply because there are not enough patients to take part. Most people who participate in clinical trials report a positive experience and say they would recommend to others to also participate. Visit the JDRF clinical trials site to see if there is a clinical trial match for you.


JDRF Resources

Whether a person is interested in getting expert advice from someone who’s been there, wanting to join an online T1D community or looking for educational tools, JDRF is there to help.


Resources they offer include:

  • Typeonenation. T1D resource community, online diabetes support team, and community forum
  • JDRF Bag of Hope. Given to a children who receive a T1D diagnosis
  • Adult T1D Care Kit. Free information and tools to inspire a newly diagnosed adult.
  • Free T1D toolkits for parents, educators and adults that are comprehensive guides. Nine different ones to choose from like School Advisory Toolkit, Off to College Guide and Childcare Guide.
  • Health Insurance Guide


If you or someone you love have T1D, we hope you can find support and help through JDRF. Through their work, there is hope for a cure. Donate a car for diabetes and you can also be apart of finding a cure, increasing research and helping someone with T1D.