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donate a car for literacy New Heights Educational Group

One of the fundamental parts of our everyday life is the ability to read. Most of us take it for granted, but for a person who cannot read – it affects the quality of life. One fifth of Americans do not read well enough to earn a living wage and over seventy percent of our prison population can’t read above a 4th grade level. Literacy is a big issue that affects us all.


We’d like to introduce one of our favorite non-profits that addresses literacy: The New Heights Educational Group. Promoting literacy for kids and adults through an array of support services is the basis of their important work. If you want to donate a car for literacy, the New Heights Educational Group is a charity we would recommend.


Established in 2006 in Ohio, New Heights Educational Group (NHEG) was designed as a network of support for families with children in home school, charter or public schools. Any person from any location can come and take their classes or ask for educational help or tutoring. They are like a one-stop education shop for anyone who needs it.


The services and programs offered by the NHEG include:


  • NHEG Tutoring Program. Children from kindergarten to 12th grade who are struggling in any subject and need a tutor to help them learn for effectively can benefit from this program.
  • Travel with NHEG. Offering teachers and student the chance to experience, understand and travel to new cultures around the globe for the first time.
  • Tracking Student Growth. Various assessment and tools are used to track the growth of students which in turn helps NHEG determine the proper learning level classes to place each student.
  • Fundraising for NHEG. This agenda is set up to earn money through varied programs enabling more money earned for student services and programs when there is more participation.


The NHEG Learning Annex include these courses and support groups:


  • Japanese Class. This is a ten-week course to help students learn to speak and write in Japanese.
  • Online Learning Course: Natural Speller. Helping students become more effective spellers while in school.
  • Online Learning Course: Orphan Train. Students learn about the orphan trains that operated in the mid 1800’s to the early 1900’s in relocating orphaned, homeless or abandoned children.
  • Online Learning Course: Financial Literacy. Teaching students how to build a better understanding of their finances.
  • The Animation Course. Consisting of four levels that give students the tools needed to enjoy the process of creating and animating stories and even producing their own short films.
  • The Drawing Course. Consisting of two levels that teach students classical drawing skills. It also dives into the world of character design.
  • Generation Self-Employed. Helping students recognize what their passions are and how they can utilize the gifts they have been given.
  • Student Leadership Council. Promoting literacy for kids and adults.
  • Student Advisory Group.Promoting youth leadership, critical thinking and service learning for students of all ages.
  • Adult Advisory Group. Offering support and advice during meetings.
  • Veterans & First Responders. Providing support and educational assistance to veteran and military families.


Among these great services, courses and programs, the NHEG also provides incredible resources for teachers and parents.


The New Heights Educational Group has been helping people learn to read and advance in their education and quality of life for over a decade. The lives that have been changed from their work is immeasurable.


Your literacy car donation can also help change a life. Use our online form or give us a call today at 1-800-237-5714 to donate your old vehicle to this great cause.