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If you have a passion for helping people learn, you will love the New Heights Educational Group. Located in Ohio, the New Heights Educational Group is a non-profit organization that promotes literacy for children and adults. They offer a wide range of educational support services to help families.


NHEG was founded and directed by Pamela Clark over a decade ago who remembers her grandmother teaching her about the power of believing in the face of hardship and struggle and also the courage to rise up and correct obvious wrongs. She firmly believed that time spent with a child is never wasted.


By donating your unwanted car to NHEG, you can help them to obtain the use of educational resources such as books, software program, DVDs, VHS tapes and cassettes for children to use as learning resources. Your car donation can help them provide support for the children and families they service.


NHEG offers many educational services and programs that help home schooled children as well as charter and public school children become better adults. Some of these programs and services include:


1. Tracking Student Growth

Student growth is tracked with NHEG using various assessments and tools which help determine where to best place a student for their proper learning level.


2. Travel with NHEG

Travel programs from NHEG offer teachers and students the opportunity to travel, experience and understand different and new cultures across the globe for the first time.  


3. NHEG Tutoring

Students from kindergarten through grade 12 who are having difficulty in a subject can benefit from the NHEG tutoring program to help them learn more effectively.