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Paralyzed Veterans of America

It’s hard enough for good men and women in our country to leave their homes and loved ones to serve in far away, dangerous and high-pressure situations. They do it because they are committed and brave. It is part of there oath when joining the US military.


What is even more difficult though, is coming home injured and/or disabled. Life is not the same. Simple tasks can be more difficult or impossible to do. It’s not just daily life that changes, but now there are even more emotional and mental adjustments that can be painful to overcome.


The Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) is the leading advocate for these wounded heroes! The PVA has developed a unique expertise in helping our vets with health care, education, benefits, and their civil rights. We are proud to have partnered with PVA in our program and provide help for those who want to donate a car for veterans.  


The PVA was founded in 1946 with a single-minded mission: To empower our brave men and women to get back their independence and freedom.


Originally, the PVA was created by a team of service members who got back from WWII with spinal cord injuries. While the nation is grateful to them, there were not many solutions to the major challenges they now faced. So they decided not to just survive, but to live with self-respect as contributing members of society. They founded the PVA. Committed to serve veterans and to advocate for medical research and civil rights for all those with disabilities.


At its core, the PVA’s mission consists of three areas: Vets Serving Vets, Spinal Cord Research, and Disability Rights.


Vets Serving Vets

The PVA helps veterans with a disability file for benefits with the Department of Veteran Affairs free of charge. They provide over seventy offices around the country helping with:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation for vets
  • Health Benefits like mental health treatment, home care, and prosthetics
  • Car and Housing Grants for vets
  • Survivor Benefits, VA Pension and more


Spinal Cord Research

Did you know that over 750,000 people in America (including vets) live with spinal cord disease or injury? PVA promotes educational programs among several other initiatives to help unite people to improve the quality of life for each person affected by spinal cord injury or disease. They provide publications, help with grants, clinical guidelines, education, caregiver guides, and more.


Disability Rights

To help improve the quality of life for our disabled veterans, their rights must be protected. The PVA Advocacy Program offers cutting-edge information about disability rights and resources related to voting, travel, housing, health and more. Speaking out on Capitol Hill and working with national agencies like the Department of Justice are some of the actions the PVA takes to strengthen rights and laws and to ensure that nondiscrimination laws are enforced and implemented.


The PVA also offers an array of Adaptive Sports including wheelchair games, bowling, shooting sports, and billiards. Participating in adaptive sports has been life changing for many disabled veterans. It helps build confidence as they work with a team in a positive environment. It enables many to get their “mojo” back.


If you or a loved one is a disabled vet and could use a boost to get back into living life more fully, contact the Paralyzed Veterans of America and let them find support and resources to help you.