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This charity has been around since 1887 serving individuals in need throughout Central New York. The Rescue Mission Alliance of Syracuse NY is open to helping all people who need help.


Back in the early 1900’s, the Rescue Mission had a lodging house they used to feed and house homeless and displaced people. Today, their efforts have expanded exceedingly providing programs to end homelessness and hunger.


We have partnered with the Rescue Mission of Syracuse to support their cause through car donation for the homeless.


Mission Services of Syracuse

Whoever enters the shelter at the Syracuse Mission receives the support they need to leave their hunger and homelessness behind. They will have a personalized individual plan created to assist them in areas like finding employment, life skills, education and spiritual care.


Meals Served Each Day

The Syracuse Mission believes that no one in their community should go hungry. They serve three meals a day to any person who needs to eat. In total they provide around 700 free meals each day and close to 250 thousand meals each year.


Day and Night Refuge

The day center is where most people first receive help when coming to the Mission. It has an emergency shelter and an education and employment resource station. A public shower and bathroom and health services center are also available. Visitors can access the internet in the tech area of the day center.   

The Kiesewetter Emergency Shelter has 183 beds in 8 dormitories where overnight guests can access all the resources of the day center.


Affordable Housing Help

One of the biggest obstacles for homeless individuals and families is finding affordable, quality permanent housing. The Syracuse Mission staff assist in placing hundreds of people into homes in the community each year. They also provide some permanent housing choices of their own because of the incredible need.


Outreach Through Mobile

No matter where an individual is struggling, whether on the streets or coming into the day center, the Syracuse Mission meets them where they are. Their Homeless Outreach Service is a mobile crew that makes contact with homeless people and offers clothing, food, water, blankets, shelter and support.


If you would like to help someone who is hungry and/or homeless find shelter and food, consider donating a car to the Rescue Mission Alliance of Syracuse NY. It is easy and free and your car can be towed within 24-48 hours. Call us at 1-800-237-5714.