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There are many challenges that can threaten the stability of a family and leave a young person lost or devastated. Anything from drug abuse, major health issues, mental health issues, divorce, death, unemployment, natural disaster and more. However, there is no more powerful force for a youth of today than the love and unity of a caring family unit.


Supporting youth today is as easy as donating a car to Stanford Youth Solutions. A vehicle donation is a great way to help youth and families stay together. Donate-a-car makes this process very simple and easy with just a phone call, or filling out our online form.


Stanford Youth Solutions is a non profit agency that empowers youth and families in solving issues that might threaten their ability to stay together. They believe that every child deserves a chance for a productive, healthy and self-sufficient life. Families and youth in difficult situations are supported through the intensive, individualized programs that they offer.


Jane Lathrop Stanford, who was the widow of a California State Governor, founded Stanford Youth Solutions in 1900 which was originally named Stanford Home for Children. The first home used was Jane’s family mansion which she donated in memory of her only son. It became the “friendless children” home of California.


Today, Stanford Youth Solutions is the leader in providing alternatives to institutional youth care in California. They strengthen and connect families through proven family-centered methods, to ensure each child can develop into a productive and healthy young adult.


Some of the Services Offered by Stanford Youth Solutions:


Permanent Family Connections

All of their foster care services are aimed to create a permanent connection for youth to a stable and safe nurturing family. Foster care services include: Standard Treatment Foster Care and Intensive Services Foster Care.


Flexible Integrated Treatment

FIT or Flexible Integrated Treatment involves support for mental health interventions. Their program is unique because their mental health professionals team up with youth and their caregivers to evaluate and decide a customized plan for supports and services that is focussed on family strengths and overall behavioral and emotional health of the youth in question.



Wraparound service is about literally wrapping youth and their families with complete care to keep the child or youth safe in school, at home, and out of trouble. This program also helps provide safe transitions to a permanent family or independent living.


Therapeutic Behavioral Services

This service provides short term, 1-on-1 support to at risk youth that is community based. It helps youth that may be at risk to moving to a more restrictive living setting, like a group home or hospital. It also helps youth who need transitioning support to a less-restrictive living setting, like a group home, family home or foster home.


Stanford Youth Solutions has been impacting lives for years. They have many success stories from the youth and families they have changed for the better. Their team of professionals and volunteers is committed to helping families and youth reach their goals. A charity car donation is a great way to bring hope to a young person in need today.