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The ARC Oregon Inclusion Donate a Car

Parents of children with special needs acutely understand the disappointment associated with their child not being involved with the learning, play and activities of other children. Many parents worry about how their kids will find independence as an adult. It can be very challenging at times to find the needed support for those with developmental disabilities.


This is why we love The Arc Oregon and their mission to advocate for the rights and complete community participation for adults and children with any kind of disability. Your Arc vehicle donation through Donate-a-Car can help a person with a disability be able to gain a college education and achieve fulfilling employment.


Since 1954, The Arc Oregon has been advocating for greater opportunities and furthering the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout Oregon. Their mission continues today through five main endeavors: Future Planning, Special Needs Trust, Guardianship & Advocacy, Think College!, and Public Policy Advocacy.


1. Future Planning

One of the greatest concerns of caregivers of individuals with special needs is who will provide care and support for their loved one when they are gone. Future planning through The Arc Oregon provides support and resources to help parents and caregivers develop a future plan.


2. Special Needs Trust

This is a state-approved, low-cost pooled trust for people affected with a disability. It is a great assistance for families and individuals as it allows them to protect their assets and keep a quality of living without losing eligibility for public benefits.


3. Guardianship & Advocacy

Based on each person’s particular needs, the GAPS (Guardianship, Advocacy & Planning Services) provides an array of services like a health care representative and professional advocate to individuals who have disabilities.


4. Think College!

For many children and youth with disabilities, the thought of going to college may seem far fetched. Yet with the right support system, it is possible. Opening doors to higher education opportunities for the disabled, The Arc Oregon has partnered with the Oregon Think College! Initiative.


5. Public Policy Advocacy

Inspiring positive change starts with a change in attitude. People today are learning to have a more understanding perspective for those who have disabilities. Advocating for change in perception and onto public policy in behalf of those with developmental disabilities is a goal of The Arc Oregon.


When you are struggling to do the basic things that most people take for granted, what a gift it is to have someone step forward to got to bat for you on your behalf! We never forget those who stand up for us when we really need it. This is what The Arc Oregon does for people who have special needs.


Donate a car in Oregon and help someone find self-determination and a better life in your support of The Arc Oregon. Your old car can give new life to a person struggling with a disability. Fill out our easy online form or give us a call at 1-800-237-5714.