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We all have many differences in life, yet beneath everything we do and we are, we still are all people. We all need food, shelter, friendship and love. We are all connected in that way, interdependent and united. This is the view of the United Way of Merced County, California, and it’s not just their view but their work.


For a quick United Way car donation, go to our online form or give us a call. Your support is much appreciated.


The United Way of Merced Country is focused on education, income and health which they consider the building blocks for good quality of life. They seek for advances in the common good of the community through major programs and initiatives.


How the United Way of Merced County Serves the Community:


  • Provides support financially to worthy non-profit charities.
  • Provides discount cards for prescription drugs to lower income families who do not have coverage.
  • Each year conducts an income tax service at no charge for lower income families.
  • Runs the yearly Red Nose event for families to enjoy a fun, happy time together.
  • Operates the local obesity prevention program working with schools, government and others.
  • Operates a 10-year project for healthy communities in creating places where children from lower income homes can be safe, healthy and ready to learn.
  • Heads up the National Emergency Food and Shelter program in their area.
  • Works with the local food bank and emergency pantries to ensure that there is enough nutritious food for those who need it.
  • Operates the H2H program for the chronic homeless.


The United Way has answered the growing needs in their communities like housing, mental health, juvenile delinquency, education, and many others. These human needs have not gone ignored. The United Way has the ability to bring people and groups together to respond to human need and potential. Your United Way car donation is one way to support this cause and make a difference in the life of someone in need.