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Community Support United Way Donate a Car

What does a rabbi, a priest, two ministers and a Denver woman all have in common? Well, in 1887 they all recognized a need to create an organization for relief services in the community. Their efforts have founded the charity known as the United Way.


Over a one hundred and thirty years and a thousand local offices later, the United Way still addresses the caring power of communities to make people’s lives better.


The United Way of Rockland County NY is no exception. Among countless services, they offer disaster relief in the community, provide a local suicide prevention hotline, and coordinate donations of needed equipment to local youth centers. Your United Way car donation helps make all this possible.


Creating opportunities for a better life through good education, job stability, family support, and quality of health is the aim of United Way of Rockland County. They invite the whole community to take part in accomplishing these goals.


Programs Offered by United Way of Rockland County Include:


EFSP or Emergency Food and Shelter Program

This program is intended to help people in our country and community who are in economic crisis, homeless or hungry by providing food, shelter and support services.


CA$H Program

With the help of partners and volunteers, the CA$H program offers financial assistance and benefits as well as free tax preparation services to people who need it.


Community Needs Assessment

This is a report taken from focus groups that give a snapshot of local health and human service needs, demographics, and potential solutions to recognize needs. This report establishes the key areas of need for future funding and resources.


Disaster Recovery

With volunteers and partners, this program is put in play for disaster preparedness and response. It also assists in analyzing and responding to people in need after a disaster.


FamilyWize RX

Providing free prescription discount cards for people who do not have insurance or who cannot afford their prescription drugs is the goal of this program.


Education, Health and Income Initiatives

These three initiatives provide a variety of programs like:

  • Scholarships for children and youth programs, camps and care as needed.
  • Access to learning programs and financial assistance to help individuals obtain economic security.
  • Classes for skilled training, nutritional education, and educational support.
  • Individual counseling and family support.


This support in the community is all possible because of people who are passionate about education, income and health. Change happens when people come together to not only let their voices be heard but to take action themselves in helping people in their community.


Donate a car in New York and take action to make a difference today. United, we elevate. United, we can change the world.