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A strong military benefits the whole country as it provides security which leads to prosperity. Peace of mind is given when we have a strengthened military that can respond to conflict and protect the interests of our nation.

The USO of Metropolitan New York consists of 5 locations that are committed to strengthening America’s military service members. They do this by providing programs to keep them connected to home, family and country all through their service.

If you would like to support this cause, consider making a USO car donation using our easy online form. Your old car can serve a new cause in the support of our military men and women.


About the USO

For nearly 8 decades, the USO has championed the strengthening of our active military members and their families. By continually adapting to their needs, our service men and women are able to focus on their vital missions. The USO is stationed close to military bases all over our nation and across the globe, including some places too dangerous for anyone but combat troops. The USO is not part of the federal government, but a private organization that is congressionally chartered. It depends on generous people and organizations to accomplish its mission.


Some USO Programs Include:

USO Centers. These centers are located all over the world and provide a place for military personnel and their families to relax and connect. Learn more about these centers in our previous blog post.


USO Transition Services. Resources are provided to help our military men and women transition from their life in the armed forces to life as a civilian.


Operation That’s My Ride. This program offers an opportunity to connect children of military members by giving them a new bicycle and helmet. It engages the family by having them pick out the bike together and help the child learn how to ride it.


Operation That’s My Dress. This program allows military teens, spouses, and female service members the opportunity to pick out a new dress or gown for a prom or event. It starts with a fashion show and entertainment from the USO Show Troupe.


USO Show Troupe. This is a team of top performers who provide a variety of entertainment and musical arrangements. These award winning performances uplift and inspire our military members.


Holiday Care Packages. These packages combine several holiday seasons and keep the military connected to home, country, and family especially during the holidays.


We are thankful for the USO of Metropolitan New York and all they do for our military. One way to show thanks is to donate a car to military families through our Donate-a-car program. You will receive free towing of your car and you could be eligible for a tax deduction.