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Veterans For Peace is an organization that comprises military veterans and their family members along with allies from all branches of service internationally. Their mission is to bring to light the true costs of war, heal the wounds brought on by war, and to develop a culture of peace. They have connections of 120+ chapters throughout this country and across the world.


To reach their goals, the Veterans For Peace are committed to using non-violent means and to keep their organization democratic and open with the awareness that each member is entrusted to serve in the best way for the greater purpose of peace in this world


Below are just three of the projects that Veterans For Peace are working on.


If you agree with these peaceful projects and would like to help Veterans For Peace in their efforts, consider a car donation towards their cause.


1. Golden Rule Peace Boat

They are recovered and are currently restoring the Golden Rule which is the original peace boat that sail in the late 1950’s to end atmospheric nuclear testing. With the restoration and sailing of the Golden Rule once again, it will show that nuclear peace is attainable and that tenacity and bravery can overcome militarism.


2. Peace in Our Times

Formerly known at War Crimes Time, Peace in Our times gives the public information on war criminals, war crimes and the true cost of war. Concerned with the obvious and atrocious violations of international law committed by the U.S. government, this helps our justice-seeking allies and lawmakers to know the truth.


3. Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility

This campaign is an action of Vietnamese Americans and United States Veterans who desire justice and peace by insisting that the government honor their legal and moral obligation to make restitution to all the victims of Agent Orange.  


You can learn more about Veterans For Peace and their national projects by visiting their site.