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We all have a certain amount of trials and suffering in life. But when children suffer needlessly, that is truly heartbreaking. Every child deserves to have a playful, healthy and educational childhood.


Vibha is a charity with a mission to ensure that each underprivileged child is able to have good health, education and opportunity. They do this by educating, enabling and empowering each individual who has a desire to make a positive difference in the life of an underprivileged child. By providing a common platform, Vibha unites the actions and skills of volunteers, social entrepreneurs and donors to create solutions.


Vibha really does make a huge difference. They have already been able to furnish opportunities for more than 2 million underprivileged kids. Vibha is a wonderful choice for donating a car for kids.


Vibha has four main focus areas:

  1. Education
  2. Training for Vocation
  3. Physically and Mentally Challenged Children’s Care
  4. Rehabilitation and Rescue of Children in crisis


Vibha Projects

Taking under privileged kids and helping them attain quality education and become productive citizens is the overview of Vibha’s projects. There is no discrimination placed on language, religion, gender, political affiliation or caste.


Projects are taken on based on the four main focus areas above and the quantitive and qualitive measures. Many of their projects involve the following:


  • Half of Vibha resources goes into promoting good school habits. Education is the key into opening the potential of kids and breaking the poverty cycle.
  • Helping dropouts go back to school and catch up with their age-group curriculum. Bridge Schools are implemented to “catch up quick” so these children can return to the regular school system.
  • After school programs help to lessen the number of kids who drop out by providing resources they may lack at home.
  • Involving the community increase motivation for all citizens and helps lower the dropout rate.
  • Vocational training assists kids in channeling their productive energies. Skills like embroidery, mechanic work and tailoring can generate income and help children grow into adults who are able to earn a living.
  • Mentally or physically challenged kids receive training and attention. Having special needs brings many significant challenges for children due to lack of awareness of their rights and needs. Education and training is needed and helping to sensitize the public.
  • Vulnerable children are trained and sheltered. Kids who have been in bonded labor or used as sex workers are very vulnerable. Vibha works to protect these kids by furnishing shelters and education. They also give vocational training for other sources of income.


Changing the World

Vibha helps social entrepreneurs and volunteers to make an impact for good.


A social entrepreneur is a person who believes that he or she can help solve the problem. Vibha enables them using capital, experts, tools, know-how, financial education, management practices and more.


Volunteers drive Vibha one hundred percent!


Professional skills are in constant need and can be donated at any time. Skills needed include Project Evaluation and Selection, Software Development, Public Relations & Marketing, Web Design and Programming, Graphic Design, Financial Accounting, Legal and Publishing. Look through their Volunteer Opportunities page for more information.


If you would like to help and don’t have the time or means to volunteer, you can make a car donation for kids to Vibha and support them in this important cause.